Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beauty: Eyelash Organization

Hi guys!  Hope you are all doing well.   Summer is here!  It has been so hot here in Southern California.  Didn't really want to go out of the house because of the heat.  I've been cooped up in the house and been cleaning and organizing.  One of the things that I have trouble organizing even way back is falsies.  They are just so bulky and can take up so much space especially if you have a small vanity.  Luckily I stumbled upon Koren's video on how he organized his lashes.  It was brilliant!  Here's  what I did with mine and couldn't be happier.  

Happy Hump Day from my loves Chloe and Tea =)

Hope this video is helpful to you guys!  

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Home Sweet Home: Blank Backyard Wall Solution

Hi guys! It has been a very very long time! Hope you are all doing well.  How missed blogging and doing videos!  Hopefully I could get back in the groove of things now that I pretty much have a lot of down time.  

I'll start off with this project that I'm very very excited to share...  Our backyard wall!

When we had our backyard done, I wasn't really happy how it turned out.  The whole yard was covered with pavers.  There wasn't any plant and it looked and felt really hard.  Every time I look at the yard it didn't feel relaxing especially looking at the blank wall.  The solution... we decided to cover the wall with star jasmine.   We have 4 star jasmine vines outside but they were baby ones.  They were planted on April of 2014. They were too young to be spread out.  I waited couple of months and  on June, I decided to fan the stems out and tied them on a wire attached to the wall  hoping that they would give softness to the yard.  After a few months, they had grown and I could never be happier!  The wall is not entirely covered yet but I'm loving how it turned out.  And by the way... they smell really really good!



JUNE 2015

It is amazing how plants can change the whole look of a space.

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