Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dream House: Outdoor Kitchen and Pool

The first time I entered the model home where we bought our house, I fell in love with their outdoor kitchen.  The big folding door opens up to the outdoor kitchen where it seemed like there is continuity between the inside of the house to the outside making the space bigger to the eye.  I loved it so much.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the model homes...

We met up with the contractor on the 20th of September to get a quote for the outdoor kitchen and pool.  He drew us a sketch and we were happy of how it looked.  We thought it would take awhile for him to build because he has to secure all the permits from the city.  We were planning to hold off cause we want to get another bid but that didn't happen. On the 23rd he called early in the morning telling me he is in the new house..they were already digging!  I was so surprised.    At that point we just decided to have it done.  The dilemma now is that because it was so rushed and we were not prepared we didn't get to ask the permission of our neighbor.  The kitchen frame is almost done and the roof is so massive.  The contractor told us the neighbor approached him asking about the construction cause they never knew about it.  The roof of the kitchen was obstructing there view.  I really felt really sorry that we didn't get to talk to them before doing anything.  We talk to our neighbor yesterday and told them that we would take off the roof.  I don't mind at all cause if we were in their shoe I would feel bad too especially if it will be our house for a long time.  We were lucky our neighbor are nice and understanding.  We did agree on taking down the roof.  It's just a lesson for our part... not to rush and be sure to get permission from the neighbor.  Anyways here is the current state of our backyard.

It is really huge... right now everything is on hold until we find a good design that we like that doesn't involve the roof.  

Thanks for droppy by!

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