Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dream House: First Day!

Hi guys!  So sorry for not updating my blog.  Actually this post will be very short.  Just a quick update cause my laptop battery is almost out.  September 14, 2013.. is the official date that we stepped inside the house as the new owner! Yay! We actually got the key on the 13th... but I didn't want to go inside the house because it was Friday the 13th.  I know some people will laugh at me but anyways.. it is just me.  Funny story... we actually waited around 1:00 in the morning of 14th and stepped inside the house!  We brought Teacup and Chloe with us cause they said the family should be complete in going inside.  And these are the things we brought inside with us...

My dear friend Michelle actually told me to bring these stuff inside the new house.  She got a house this year and asked me if I know what are the first thing to bring inside the house for prosperity and abundance.  I'm not really familiar with it.   She shared with me to bring rice, salt, cotton, holy water and water.  Ella and Julie also mentioned it to me when we were still waiting for our loan approval.  And Gay gave me plants to bring in and told me to bring sugar as well.  I brought in Sto Nino cause when we had our warehouse blessing we had Sto Nino in our office.  The broom, oil, wine and bread I just researched online.

We haven't moved in yet cause there were some stuff I wanted to be done before the move.  We had our floors done as well as some cabinets installed. Will post pictures of our floor soon.

A welcome basket from Toll brothers!

Thanks for dropping by!


CrazyBookLover (JP C.) said...

Congratulations on the new house...Hope everything goes well!

Hazel said...

thanks pete =) hope all is well with you too!

Ashoka Packer said...

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