Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dream House: Walk Through Meeting

Hi guys!  Hope you are having a lovely weekend.  Last Friday, Sept 6, 2013 we did our walk through for the house.  I was disappointed since our closing will be on the 10th and it seems like the house is not ready yet.  We got a call first thing in the morning, Max, the guy in charge called asking if we want to reschedule on Monday since one of the sliding door of the closet broke.  We are only available on Friday's so we told him we will just stick with the schedule and do another final walk through when the house is done and in perfect condition.  We came in the house, it looked really nice.  But there are some stuff that are mixed up especially with the light switches.  The baluster stains of the stair is not even at all, and the painting job is not really good.  Max said they will do the final touches next week and fix those stuff.  We tested out the lights, some bulbs were not working.  I just felt bad that we weren't thorough enough.  We didn't test out the windows, drawers, doors... mostly we got so distracted with all the light switches that it seemed too much.  Later on we discovered that instead of putting dimmer lights for the ceiling fan lights they just put in regular light switches together with the fan switch so it looked too much of a switch.  Anyways, here are the things the I noted that we need to address before with final walk through...

* three way switch for the niche lights
* dimmer lights for...
       niche light
       pendant lights in kitchen
       living room (ceiling fan junction box)    
       family room
       master bedroom
       bedroom 1
       bedroom 2
       bedroom 3
* main door dead bolt
* test electrical plugs especially in niches

These are the only things we saw cause we weren't really thorough enough.  We didn't check the shower, closet cabinets, electrical outlets.  I feel really sad.  Max said we can close on Tuesday and fix everything and have final walk through the next Friday.  But the thing is I read that usually after the closing, when there are things that are needed to be done the seller don't usually respond anymore.  I don't really feel comfortable closing with all those stuff not fixed yet..  anyways we'll see.  So sorry for this semi rant..  I just feel bad that for the price of the house, they should at least be thorough, especially with hiring their sub contractors.  The house was built fast that the quality is compromised.  They are also hard to contact especially with coordinating schedules.  Even for buying a new house, it is good to have a realtor.  We are thankful that we have one cause he handles all those stuff for us even with our loan concerns.  

Here is what our house look now..

Thanks for dropping by!

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