Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dream House: Harwood Floor

Hi guys!   Closing of escrow is pretty close.  Last weekend we were busy looking for hardwood floors to install in the house.  We want to have the flooring done before we move in.  We went to different carpet and hardwood flooring in OC to find the perfect floor.  It was so overwhelming.  So many different species and shades and so hard to choose especially to find the right color we want to match  our kitchen cabinets.  And also, the big factor in choosing the floor is our budget.  Putting hard wood floors in a house is really a big investment.  It's like the price of a car.  I never thought of that until we were given rough estimate for our house.  For a 3.99 per sq ft wood price, the rough estimate is 20-25,000.  And for the wood that we wanted which is the Private Reseve, 9.99 per sq ft, the estimate cost is 32,000.  It's crazy!  I need to think about it thoroughly..  my heart really wanted the Private Reserve one, but it's just too much for a floor... hopefully we can find a cheaper alternative with  the same shade...  We brought a bunch of samples to see how it looks inside the house.  Can you guess which floor I really like?

The one in the middle!  It is the Private Reserve one.  The planks are wide and long.  I love the shade  so much and I think it's the perfect contrast to our espresso cabinet.  It is neither red or orange tone.  It has a certain warmth that is not overpowering.  Why must it be so expensive? =(

This weekend we will continue with our hunt for the perfect wood floor.

Thanks for dropping by!