Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dream House: Closing date moved

Hi guys!  Hope you are doing well.  Last Monday I received a letter from our builder letting us know that our estimated closing date has been moved to August 27 instead of Sept 19.   I didn't know what to feel... mixed emotions I guess.   We wanted to move the date earlier but not too early that it would cost us $300 a day if our lender won't be able to close on time.  I was a bit  stressed good thing our lender assured us that she will be able to close on that date.  Anyways... last Saturday we came to visit the house.. cabinets and trims are up! 


Bedroom 1

 Bathroom 1

 Shower 1

 Closet 1

 Formal Dining Room

 Family Room

 Breakfast Nook



 Master Bath

 Master Bedroom

 Walk In Closet

Laundry Room

 Bedroom 2

 Closet 2


 Office Closet

 Bathroom 2

The pictures kind of look like the same as last week.  But I like to document everything even with the slight progress for reference.  It fun seeing it progressing little by little.  The joys of having a first house!  Thank you guys for bearing with me!  Can't imagine how I would be when I have a kid!

This weekend we are going to visit tile and floor store.  So excited everything is coming along pretty fast.  

Thanks for dropping by!

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