Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Europe Vacation 2013: Day 1 May 24, 2013

Hi everyone!  I mentioned on my previous post that I was on vacation with my sisters for 21 days.  I was browsing through our video clips and got inspired to start our euro vacation blog post.  I'll try to share with you guys as much as I can but please be patient with my posting schedule.  

I left LA on the 23rd of May.  My sister Zsa organized our trip from the Philippines so we were just going to meet in France.  From LA to Canada it was a 5 hour plane ride. We only had an hour stop over which I think is a little short considering passing through customs and I was running the whole time.. The flight wasn't so bad not much turbulence and I'm used to traveling to east coast a lot so it is just one of those trips.   But to have another flight of 6 hours from Canada to Paris is tiring.  Whenever I travel I always request for window seats.  It makes flying for me so much easier.

 Beef Stroganoff for dinner

Pound Cake for snack

Arrived at Charles de Gaulle on May 24th, 2013

We met at Terminal 2C at Charles de Gaulle airport.  Our travel agency representative was going to pick us up there.  My sisters' flight got delayed so we were picked up at 2:30 instead of 11:30.  We had our first meal at Paul Patisserie.

We didn't have any itinerary for that day except for the welcome reception.  So we just stayed in the hotel to rest and freshen up for a little bit.  Our hotel is pretty nice and clean.  It is roomy with King size bed and the living room has a queen size sleeper bed.  That's where I slept and it was pretty comfortable.

On the way to the welcome reception we had a glimpse of the city.  It was gloomy and rainy that day but still being in Paris is a dream.  

 We had our welcome reception at chez clement.  It was a three course french dinner and the food was great.

After dinner we went back to the hotel.  Although we were all tired from the plane travel, overall it was a fun day!



Chic Stilettos said...

yey! update! I did not realize that our video clippings are soooo funny! but it was a fantastic vacation, though. after so many years, the three of us got to spend time again and catch up again :-)

Angela said...

Have fun on your trip! I had a friend who did exchange at sciences po in paris last term.

Would appreciate if you checked out my blog