Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dream House: Update

Hi guys!  I'm finally back from 21 days of vacation!  I had the best time with my sisters!  Exploring Europe for the first time with my favorite people... It was awesome and can't wait for our next trip!  Anyways I'll do a separate post for that but in the meantime you can head over to my sister's blog.. chicstilletos she writes more in depth about our travels... especially our Alaskan Cruise.

Last Friday June 14,2013, we had our electrical inspection meeting.  It marked the 4th month since we did our sale agreement and couldn't be happier with the progress.  Our agent said our house will most likely close on the 19th of September.  Earlier than the initial estimated closing date.  So happy to share with you the progress! 

House Exterior

Side Yard

Back Yard


Bedroom 1

Bathroom 1

Formal Dining Room

Living/Family Room

Kitchen and Nook


Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Walk In Closet

Bedroom 2


Bathroom 2

So glad it is coming along pretty fast!  Can't wait to spend my first thanksgiving here!

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Karlo Toledo said...

functional and relaxing house.=)