Monday, June 24, 2013

Dream House: Dry wall is up!

Hi guys! Happy monday!  After I got back from vacation I've been so busy with work.  Taking care of paperwork and stuff for the new business, catching up with my invoices and to top it off was called for jury duty.  Going to the courthouse and being interviewed by the judge and lawyers was one the stressful things in my life!  It was my first time to be summoned and the case was very intense.  I was there for two days and they said the case would last for two and a half weeks.  I was so stressed out.  Good thing the lawyer was considerate when he interviewed me.  I'm so happy I got dismissed.  Anyways this will be a very quick update of the house.  Just want to share with you all that the dry wall is finally up!  

Niche Wall

Niche Wall

Bathroom 1

Bedroom 1



Formal Dining Room

Kitchen and Nook

Family Room



Master Bath

Walk in Closet

Master Bedroom

Bedroom 2


Bathroom 2

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Chic Stilettos said...

yehey! so excited and happy for you, both for the house and for being dismissed as a member of the jury. Good thing the house is up to date. see you soon!

n.b. let us go to the gym when I get there, all right?