Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dream House: Update

Hi guys! So sorry for the lack of update.  My family came over to visit for a whole month.  We've been busy with a lot of stuff and been traveling a lot so I didn't have the time to post.  They went home last night and I feel melancholic.. as always when they leave.  Hope to see them soon though.  Anyways, I'll do a separate post of their vacation here.  Today I want to share with you how our house is coming along.  Last Friday, we went to a meeting to decide on our flooring.  We didn't upgrade anything.. just the standard that came with the house. The choices on the design center is limited and very expensive so we decided to do it after market.  
Here's how the design center looks like

 I love these frames.. it describes each style you would want to design your place...
 We are leaning more with the traditional...

So happy that they have started the framing of the house!

Thanks for dropping by!