Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dream House: Update

Happy Easter everyone! Last Friday we visited our home site and was pretty glad with the progress.

Our next meeting won't be until the second week of April.  We will be choosing the kitchen cabinet, granite and color upgrade.  Will keep you guys updated.  Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dream House: Electrical Update

Hi everyone.  Last friday 3/15/13 we had a meeting for our electrical upgrades.  Ever since we signed our sales agreement last month I've been researching non stop on lights and outlets.  I've always dreamt of a well lit house.  Before I would just think that one type of light is enough.  As long as it is bright and I don't have to squint.  Little did I know there are different kinds of light.  There is the ambient light, task light and accent light.  Here is the diagram of what we chose for our house...

I am so excited.  They started the plumbing of our house!  This is how it looks like now.

Keeping my fingers crossed that our move in date will be earlier than expected.
Thanks for letting me share