Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day!  This valentine's day is extra special to me.  We officially signed our sale agreement!  No turning back now or else they will forfeit all our deposit and option  money!  I am so happy that we finally started phase one.  Estimated time the house will be completed will be around September-October.. pretty long time to anticipate and plan.  But I'm so delighted!

The meeting started at 2pm and ended at 5pm.  Mostly signing a whole lot of documents and reading through contracts. We also started to pick options for upgrades.  We upgraded some things that is necessary for phase 1 like changing the office to a bedroom downstairs (14k)  installing the JELD folding door (11k) and also upgrading the regular tub in the masters to jet whirlpool tub (1,350).  So far the total cost for the upgrades is 26,350.  I wasn't sure if I wanted my master bathroom without a door...  the price is pretty steep to add a door.  But I caved in and today we went back and added that option.  So total cost paid is 13,425.  The half part of the upgrades will be paid at closing.  Toll Brothers require us to pay half of the upgrade cost just in case it doesn't go through they will keep the money as part of  liquidated damage as well as the deposit we made.  It is stipulated in their contract for their protection and to avoid any lawsuits in the future.  Anyways, we made 36,300 down payment together with the first phase upgrade total payment was 49,725.  We don't have a schedule for our second meeting yet... probably when the foundation of the house is built already and ready for electical installation. 

They started paving our lot!

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