Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review: LV Multicolore 4 Key Holder

Hi guys!  Today I am going to share with you one of the essential items that I carry with me all the time.   I never go out of the house without it no matter what.. or else I wouldn't be able to get back inside, unless I call a locksmith ;)   It is my LV multicolore 4 key holder.

Detailed Features:  (
  • Monogram Multicolore canvas, grained leather lining, golden brass pieces
  • Flap closure with press studs
  • Four individual key attachments
  • Retails for $285


I purchased this key holder awhile back around 2010.  It was around $235 back then.  The reason why I got this was because when I got my Chanel I didn't want my key to poke or scratch the inside of my purse.  I felt like it was a necessity for me =)  I may sound crazy but it's just me.  But I may say that this is one purchase that I never ever regretted.  I love that it houses my house key so well..  it keeps it organized and I feel secure that my  key doesn't scratch any of my stuff inside my purse especially my wallet.  It is pretty durable.  There is no noticeable chipping of the silk screen paint. The only wear that I can really see is the inside where the metal plate rubs against the leather which I think is just a normal wear.  Over all I love this key holder a lot.   The colorful silk screen monogram brightens my day every time I look at it.  The grenade lining gives a beautiful contrast.  I just love this color combination.  And the coolest part is that the canvas that this key holder was made is the same match as my sarah wallet.  I would definitely recommend this product.  It is not really a necessity but a cool thing to splurge on.