Sunday, October 28, 2012

Unboxing: Palermo PM

Hi everyone!  I'm finally able to catch up with a lot of stuff!  As you all know my sister came over last July and we've been traveling so much.. then around September my brother, sister in law, family and friends came over to visit as well and had some more traveling so I never really got the chance to do any updates and stuff.  But I had the best travel experience in my entire life! Get to see so many beautiful places and with great company to share with.   It was so tiring but totally worth it.  I would like to share some photos with you guys but I feel bad that I wasn't able to copy pictures from my sister's hard drive  especially the Alaska, Niagara and New York trip.. I have a little bit from my phone.. I'll share it with you guys on my next post...

Anyways, this post is about a new purse that my sister gave me!  I've been wanting to get this purse for a very long time but been holding off because I've been spending so much the last couple of months.  My sister was very very sweet to give me this purse.  Thank you so much Tangs!  I really really love it.

Sharing with you guys my unboxing video!