Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Hi guys! So sorry it has been a long time!  I'm doing well =) Thank you so much for everyone that has been asking if I'm okay.. Just been so busy.  I just moved to a new place so a lot of moving and packing and on top of that went for a vacation.. which was planned first before the moving thing so I can't really cancel my trip.. but anyways, everything is cool and loving the new place! =)  This will be a very quick update.. I promise I'll share pictures from my trip on my next post ;)

Before I left for vacation, everything was chaotic because it has only been 2 days that we completely moved out from the old apartment from the day of my trip.  When I came back, I was so busy attending the business that I just took my time organizing stuff.  Everything is still in chaos but hopefully when we are settled in things will be perfect =)

By the way this weekend, we've been eating sooo much.  Just want to share some pics and places that we went. =)

This is a very quaint breakfast place in Pasadena.  Howard and I love to eat out for breakfast and we always go to IHOP.  However I always wanted to try different breakfast places and saw this at Yelp.  Review is good and it is family owned so food and ambiance is different.  I took Howard here yesterday and he loved it.

He had Breakfast Burrito!
Serving was so huge that we have to take the half to go.  It was very satisfying!

I had the Belgian Waffle combo.. plus a side of bacon and a side of hash browns! =)  This is by far the best Belgian Waffle I ever had... crispy and light =)  We stuffed ourselves full that day!

We walked around old town Pasadena.. so many great shops and restaurants..  did some hauling at Forever 21 and H&M.  We passed by this cute chocalate place.. just have to take a picture of  this cute Panda!

We also went to this popular dimsum place in Arcadia for dinner.  The wait was so long!  I ate here before for a business meeting but wanted Howard to try it so we decided to eat here for dinner.

The chopstick wrapper has a step by step instructions on how to eat the dumplings!

This is one of their popular dumplings.. the juicy pork and crab dumplings...

You place the dumpling in the spoon and pour vinegar in it. You nibble the dumpling and suck on the juice... I poured a lot of vinegar... that's how I eat my dumpling! The juice is so good =)

The shrimp and pork siu mai... Howard loves the shape of this dumpling!

This spicy noodle is great to pair with the dumplings!

Din Tai Fung is a good dumpling house to try.  It is a little bit pricey as compared to other dimsum places in San Gabriel Valley but I guess they serve different kind of dumpling that is worth to try.  I forgot to take pictures of the pork fried rice and green beans we had but they didn't really taste unique.

Today, we went to Malibu with the doggies and ate at Neptune's net.  If you guys love seafood.. this is an amazing place!  Fresh and succulent King Crab legs, shrimp and Dungeness Crab!

Howard was sooo stuffed and happy!  Before we met he never liked seafood! ;)  Now he eats it more than I do!

After lunch we head out to Malibu Country Mart... an outdoor mall that is quaint as well.  We always come here for dessert after stuffing ourselves with so much crustaceans!
With Teacup and Chloe enjoying the beautiful day!  Howard loves to make fun of my jumpsuit!  He calls it "onesies'!

He got me coffee icecream..
Amaretto Truffle and Chocolate Mint Ganache!

The mint ganache is a little too strong for our taste..

Carrot Cupcake for Dessert!

Very moist.. I love the shredded carrots bits!

Stuffing ourselves happy! =)

Thanks for reading my post!
I've missed you guys... =)
Happy Easter!

My Tea and Choester saying hi too!