Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bling it!

Hi guys! =)  Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day =)  I spent mine in my friend's house.  Seafood night with Gay's family.. very low key and so much fun =)
Anyways, today's post is about... 
"Blinging" an iphone case

After two years, finally I was able to upgrade my phone!  Couldn't be happier!  Cause my iphone 3g was soooo slow... I don't know if mine was defective or not... been resetting it all the time because of utterly slow speed... I don't even have any application installed.. so in short I never enjoyed my phone... I just use it for calls and text messaging... even sending text is a pain because it is reallllllyyyy slow.  Anways, three weeks ago, I finally got an iphone 4 and what a breath of fresh air! It is amazingly fast and the picture quality is very crisp!  I am so in love with my new phone.  I've been using this cute case...
Hello Kitty with cute pink bows...
However I don't like the fit and the way it looks on the front

I felt like it is too flimsy and doesn't really support the phone

So, I decided to make my own and decorate it =)
Here is my phone case now... very girly!

I love how I can personalize it and put all the stuff I want...
You can mix and match the colors and the possibilities are endless

However, word of advice... Patience is a virtue! =)
Have fun guys and unleash your creativity!

You will need...

A clear case!
I got this from Amazon... pretty cheap... 8.75 for 3 cases shipping included

Clear glue, tweezer and cutter

Rhinestones, decorative buttons, pearls... whatever you like! =)

Feel free to watch the video for step by step instructions =)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Purse Review: Chanel Med/Large Classic Flap in GHW

When you are working at home.. there are so many things that you want to do.. you have so much ideas that it becomes chaotic and you start to procrastinate.. haha! I dunno if it also applies to you guys but for me... that's the case!  I started sewing early this year.. took make up class.. now I want to start making baubles from clay! I'm pulled apart into so many directions!  I don't know... I'm blabbering! =P  Anyways, that's just my lil update for you guys... but the main reason of this post is... My purse review series featuring this!

Chanel Med/Large Classic Flap in Gold Hardware

I got this purse about 2 years ago and I can say this is one of the purse that is very memorable to me.  This is my first ever chanel piece and boy it took me a looooong time to decide before purchasing this purse hence, very memorable.  Sleepless nights of research and talking myself into getting it justifying the cost... finally  caved in and.. I'm happy with no regrets!  Chanel raise their prices so fast and so much!  I am so thankful that I was able to snag three before the crazy price increase.  And with three pieces I think I'm done, not unless I win the lottery! =)

Anyways, this purse is in lambskin material.  I initially wanted the caviar for durability reasons plus it doesn't age as fast as the lambskin.  However, when I saw the two purses side by side, the lambskin won me over because of the texture and feel.  It just feel so luxurious and pristine looking.  That time lambskin cost more than caviar but I bit the bullet anyways thinking that it will be my only chanel purse.  But, if I can turn back time... I will choose... lambskin still I guess.  I didn't regret getting it at this material and size.  I have one regret on the other purse I got but I'll do a separate post for that one ;)

I chose the gold hardware because it looks very elegant and sophisticated.  Again, because I was thinking that it will be the only Chanel I'm going to own, might as well choose something that will last me a long time and will look age appropriate when I get really old.  It is very classic and I love the combination of lambskin and gold hardware in the med/large size.  My only gripe is that lambskin is soooo delicate!  As in very very delicate that I have to make sure that whenever I use it, my fingernail should be well trimmed.  The purse is very sensitive to nail marks that can leave a scratch on it.  So, for the most part, I baby this purse too much!  But then again, it is too beautiful so I guess it deserves to be babied. =)

Before, I was torn between this classic flap and the Chanel 2.55 reissue.  The 2.55 is very iconic because Coco Chanel designed it herself and that's what started everything.  However, because of the mademoiselle lock which symbolizes Coco not ever married, I got scared! Haha!  Superstitious me that I'm scared that I might never get married myself too!  That was way back... now I want to kick myself not getting the 2.55 one!  Haha! 

This purse has double flap.  The Burgundy lining is very pretty that adds richness to the color.  They presumed that this is the color of the uniform of the orphanage where Coco lived.

There is a zippered pocket on the outer flap... however it is too small and too flat to put stuff inside.  Receipts maybe... It is presumed that Coco hid her love letters in this compartment.

The back has a pocket where they say Coco hid her extra stash of cash.

This purse is not that roomy.  Here is an example of what will fit inside.  It is better to use the card slot for your cards and not use your wallet to maximize the space inside.  

This is how I store my purse.  I lay it flat with the chain wrapped with paper and put it inside the dust bag.

I have the rest of the chain tucked in inside so that it doesn't rest on the purse or the purse not resting on it that will cause a permanent dent on the purse.

Hope this post is helpful!  Thank for dropping by!