Friday, January 14, 2011

Unboxing: LV Bloomsbury PM

Hi guys! =)  Sharing with you my sister's purse! =)  Tangs!  I finally had the time to film this.  Still waiting for some stuff in the mail then I'll send them all together probably next week? =)  Anyways,  here it is!

The Bloomsbury PM...
Body bags are not really the most flattering type of purse.. they are more for comfort and functionality rather than for it's aesthetic appeal.. how ever this designed well that it gives a very feminine touch because of the pleated center.  It is not structured that it compromises the look when overly stuffed which I love..
Inside has a red lining which gives a pop of color and very contrasting but sophisticated look...

I filled it with my make up bag, agenda, wallet and glasses and holds it shape pretty good!

On to modeling pics!

Overall it is a very fun bag!  I love using body bag especially when I travel and go to amusement parks.  I like it when I'm hands free... no worries about leaving stuff behind.  My Eva clutch is by far my most overused and abused purse because of that purpose.  I use the long strap more than the gold chain. 

 Excellent choice for a body bag Tangs! =)  I wanted to get this too if only I didn't get my dear Janome...  but I love love love my Janome to death! =P

Speaking of Janome... here are some projects I've finished.. *pat on the back* hehe 
I've been obsessing in making a pouch! =P

This by far is my favorite because of the material I used... the fabric is thicker and sturdier!

And also.. I finally got Revlon's Fire and Ice giveaway!
I entered a giveaway from Revlon a couple months back I think.. it's about retweeting their post and the first 500 to retweet  the fire and ice product will win... I was one of the first 500! How fun! =)

Here are the goodies... will post swatches soon!

My pouch is pretty roomy eh? ;)

That's about it!  Thanks guys for dropping by!!!


Yen said...

I love body bags, too! They're so convenient. :)

New follower here! :D

Angelnudged said...

Haha! I agree =) Thank you so much! =)

Zzlco1831 said...

yehey!! i like the bag :-) it looks roomy!!! :-) thanks for the review and everything! :-)

i love the pouches you made! you are becoming an expert na ha hehe ;-D

Angelnudged said...

hahaha! thanks! =) need more practice! never realized that sewing is sooo fun! =)

JY said...

Peewee I love your blog! Love your fashion and the look. You always look gorgeous :)

I was actually looking for the exact same bag too but couldn't find a place to buy them (online)... Can you please share where you bought the bag from? Do you prefer PM or GM? I would take your opinion 100%! haha

Peewee said...

@JY Thanks! =)

I bought it online at

This size is the PM... I think this is a great size especially for petites and holds a lot of stuff...

GM is way too big! ;)

jujuba said...

luv your bloomie... can the strap still be shortened on your modelling pic?

Unknown said...

I remembered that you had a LV Trevi in another video. I want to get the Trevi but was afraid it is too heavy. I also want to get this bag so i am not sure which one is good since i have two kids 4 yrs and 10months. Which bag do you recommend? Thanks

pinkkitten74 said...

Hi:) did you buy one for yourself? I am buying one today for my early anniversary present:) i plan to use her daily right away! So light and understated chic