Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weight Loss!

Hi guys!  Sorry for the lack of update... totally bummed out... I transferred all my files to an external hard drive and don't know what happened...my recent pics are all gone. Booo! =(  But anyways moving on.. I'm glad to be back! =)
I have a post request form pinkazn4eva about my weight loss.  Hi Babe!  Sorry it took me awhile to post this... but here it is! =)  
I mentioned on my previous post long time ago that I wanted to lose weight.  I've been gaining a lot of weight and have a hard time shaking the excess fatty off... but that never happened until I went home to the Philippines end of March last year.  I am actually dedicating this post to my two beautiful sisters who are very supportive of me!  Thank you Tangs.. Thanks Ga!  =)

Anways..Here are some of my pics when I was a little chunky before... 


And after 10 months...

When I came back home last year, my family was surprised to see me piled some weight.. especially my sisters.  I've always been skinny growing up.  They were really shocked especially my belly is way bigger than my boobs.  My friends were surprised as well but very polite.  So, I got really self conscious... I remember the first meal I had over there.. my sister Tangs was shocked to see me put a plateful of rice.  She thought I haven't eaten for such a long time.  But the truth is... that is my usual rice serving.  Being a rice lover, no meal is complete without rice!  She never said anything back then.  But after I guess being bugged by my weight gain she can't stand it! She and Ga became my food police.  I never felt offended at all.  I'm actually very grateful.  I know I gained weight but never imagined it was that much.  I guess it is helpful to listen to other people's perspective especially if they are family.

So what I did, I tried to cut rice out of my diet.  It was sooooo hard!  I missed all the Filipino food and it doesn' really taste the same without rice!  I intended to eat a lot  knowing I'll be missing this food again when I go back.  So I really disciplined myself.  And also I'm a soda freak.  So I cut it off too!  I had  such a hard time.  Especially the first few weeks.  Good thing I still have my coffee so that made everything bearable.  I think after a few week's you'll get use to it that you don't actually crave rice and soda.  So just be patient and be persistent.  =)  Apart from my diet change though Ga and I enrolled in a plyometrics class.  It's a class where you do a lot of resistance training, cardio and ab work out.  That really helped my endurance and strength and speed up my weight loss.  I lost about 8 lbs when I was there.

When I came back, I just continued not eating rice but I drink a little bit of soda for taste.  For activity I did the P90x.  That exercise program was sooooo extreme!  The first day I thought I would die!  Seriously!  But I was so motivated to do it.  I never considered turning the TV off!  It was such a hard thing to do because it is a home exercise program and you do it by yourself.  You can always stop anytime you want.  But I just kept going.  I was so determined.  I actually felt good after 2 weeks especially when I started seeing results!  My muscles started to tone up and my belly is in it's flattest form that it has ever been.  I never had flat belly in my entire life even when I was skinny before.  So I was so happy!  I can see the side of my abs taking shape.  Around July my friend from Texas came over to visit and I just didn't have the time to continue... then came September my brother visited me from the Philippines.. He was so surprised with my weight loss! I felt I achieved my goal =)  He spent almost a month and a half here and we were so busy, I just never had the time to continue and got lazy. I never continued from then on. So now I'm a little flabby but my weight has been the same.  I'm planning to start working out again by Feb.. so we'll see =)  So I guess that's just what I did.. and also drink lots and lots of water!  

I hope this post answered your question about my weight loss.  I never took any medication because I'm such a wuss when it comes to side effects.  But if I can do it I know you can too! =)  Thank you so much for reading my post and good luck!

By the way I have two videos that I didn't get the time to make a blog post...

Hope you guys like the video =)  

Have a great day!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christian Louboutin Bianca

Finally received my second CL on the mail!!! Soooo happy! =)  Now I'm in a serious ban!  Anyways, sharing with you guys this beauty...
Bianca in Kid Leather

The Bianca runs large because of it's super stretchy ability...  I got it in 5... a full size down from my normal size of 6.  It is a little too snug on the toe box but fits like a glove overall.  The girls from Christian Louboutin forum mentioned that this shoe stretches overtime so we'll see after I break them in.  This is by far my favorite shoe of all time! =)  Even though it is 5 inches high, it is very comfortable to walk in as compared to my altadama which is also of the same height.  I guess because the fit is perfect.  With alta dama, I got it in my true to size and wished I would have gotten it in 5.5 because I get major heel slippage.  Gotta get a heel grip for that shoe.  But I still love it big time =)

Thanks for dropping by guys! Have a wonderful week ahead!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Unboxing: LV Bloomsbury PM

Hi guys! =)  Sharing with you my sister's purse! =)  Tangs!  I finally had the time to film this.  Still waiting for some stuff in the mail then I'll send them all together probably next week? =)  Anyways,  here it is!

The Bloomsbury PM...
Body bags are not really the most flattering type of purse.. they are more for comfort and functionality rather than for it's aesthetic appeal.. how ever this designed well that it gives a very feminine touch because of the pleated center.  It is not structured that it compromises the look when overly stuffed which I love..
Inside has a red lining which gives a pop of color and very contrasting but sophisticated look...

I filled it with my make up bag, agenda, wallet and glasses and holds it shape pretty good!

On to modeling pics!

Overall it is a very fun bag!  I love using body bag especially when I travel and go to amusement parks.  I like it when I'm hands free... no worries about leaving stuff behind.  My Eva clutch is by far my most overused and abused purse because of that purpose.  I use the long strap more than the gold chain. 

 Excellent choice for a body bag Tangs! =)  I wanted to get this too if only I didn't get my dear Janome...  but I love love love my Janome to death! =P

Speaking of Janome... here are some projects I've finished.. *pat on the back* hehe 
I've been obsessing in making a pouch! =P

This by far is my favorite because of the material I used... the fabric is thicker and sturdier!

And also.. I finally got Revlon's Fire and Ice giveaway!
I entered a giveaway from Revlon a couple months back I think.. it's about retweeting their post and the first 500 to retweet  the fire and ice product will win... I was one of the first 500! How fun! =)

Here are the goodies... will post swatches soon!

My pouch is pretty roomy eh? ;)

That's about it!  Thanks guys for dropping by!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happiness is....

Domo holding a box of chocolate...

With all my favorites inside... blueberry truffles!

Eating chicken joy and palabok from Jollibee after a very long time...
Closest taste of home...

My sister's 28th!!!  
Happy Birthday Tangs... wish I'm home spending it with you guys...

Me and Domo says... till next time! =)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Beginning.. New Love!

Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe celebration! =)

So sorry for the lack of update.  Been very busy with the holidays.. plus 3 days ago.. I turned 30!  Hehe! Not quite out of the calendar but getting ready for the Bingo! ;)  I had so much fun!  Spending time with my aunt on the 1st and dinner with my friends on the 2nd... very low key but so much fun! =)

Anyways... just want to share with you guys the new love of my life! =)

 Finally!!!  After so many days of researching and so many sleepless nights of pondering on what to get... I came home today with a new love! =)  I never mentioned it here in my blog before.. so I'm sure it's going to be a hard one for you guys to guess... =)  It is not a beauty related product.. not a purse... not jewelry...  hint.. crafts maybe? Okay... it is.... a sewing  machine!!! =P

Hehe!  I know.. kinda lame... sorry guys, different topic of sort but I still want to share it with you.

I never held a sewing machine in my whole life not until two weeks ago when I went into a sewing class.  I saw it on groupon and it is an awesome deal.. 4 classes once a week for 2 hours and a half at $65. Normally it costs about $125.   How awesome is that?   The class is limited to 5 students so it is very intimate. You have the option to choose which intro to sewing class you want.. they have the tiered skirt, the shift dress and the tote bag..  I chose the latter.  It is amazingly fun considering I never sewed on a machine before.  And the last time I sew by hand that I can remember was when I was in 5th grade when we had a home economics project and we made a stuffed toy.  Other than that... no experience whatsoever! =(  How I wish we had a sewing class back then so at least I could have started earlier and developed passion for it..  I used to think sewing machines are very complicated and I felt so intimidated in front of them.  But after the class I felt more confident and really want to get into it.. especially quilting! =)  Sorry guys if sewing is not your thing and I'm boring you... you can skip this post.. =)  Promise I'll make up on my next post ;)

Here is she is.. my new love! =)  Janome MC6600... 
I wanted to start quilting that's why I chose this machine... the features are perfect for it!

 I also got the table specially made for this machine so it is easier to sew...

I already started sewing!  Can you tell how excited I was.. =D  

This is the tote that we are doing in class... the one I am making is made of different fabric... I chose this fabric for my sister cause she loves Tinkerbell!

I am such a noob! =P   Never thought ironing is important in sewing! =)

Pressing the fabric so that it is easier and cleaner to sew...

Coming along pretty good...

The finished tote!!!

So happy and proud!!! =)  Can't wait to make more projects with this baby! =)

 By the way, here is the feast my dear aunt single handedly made by herself...(except for the cake.. Red Ribbon!)

So thankful for the gift of family...

Blowing the cake and wishing everyone a prosperous 2011!