Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: LV Zippy Coin Purse

Hi guys!  Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.  I'm back with another wallet review and this is going to be a really quick post.  I'm trying to finish as much requested review as I can since I'm going for 2 month vacation.  Yay!  Can't wait to spend the holidays with my family!

Anyways, today's review is about the Zippy Coin Purse.

Detailed Features:  (
  • 4.33 x 3.15 inches
  • Monogram Multicolore canvas, grained leather lining, golden brass pieces
  • Zipper closure
  • Two gusseted compartments
  • Retails for 455 usd

The reason why I got this wallet is because whenever I ran errand or grab a cup of coffee, I don't really like to take my big purse with me, rather I love to use my Eva clutch.  That clutch is pretty small and I want a wallet that would hold my cards and bills.   I used to use a small coach wallet before but it is all streched out now that my cards fall off easily which is really unsafe.  That's why when I was looking for a replacement I made sure  that my cards will be safe.  Then I saw the zippy coin purse and that's when I knew it was the right one for me.  It has a zipper that goes all around... the size is compact and fits great inside the eva clutch.  They have different colors of lining to choose from.  For mine I chose the baby pink and I think it is referred to as "litchi" in their site.

Inside there are two large compartments where you can put your bills, coins or receipts.  Then there is another two "hidden"  pockets on both ends.  On both sides of the wallet there is two card slots but I don't really use the slots.  I love that the compartment is very roomy.  I just all stick my cards inside and I don't have to worry of stuffing it so much because I know all my cards and bills are secure inside.  

It is a little pricey for a coin purse but LV wallets last a really long time.  I've used it so much together with my Eva clutch.  I felt like they go so well together.  

I love that it is white because it looks very feminine but the only issue I have is that it gets dirty easy.  It is hard to clean the stain especially on the zipper fabric.  I guess it is a trade off because white is really a dirt magnet.  But other than that, I love the zippy coin purse a lot. 

Hope this review is helpful guys! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review: LV Sarah Wallet in Multicolore

Hi guys! It has been awhile! So sorry for the lack of posts. I am doing well.. =)  Been traveling and been busy with so many things and with a little bit of procrastinating... but anyways, thank you so much for  visiting my blog and to my two lovely sisters who keeps on bugging me for reviews and updates.. finally a post!  Hehehe! You know I love you two! ;)  And also I have a great news to share!  But will put it in a separate posts! 

Anyways, today I'll share with you another requested wallet review and it is the LV Sarah Wallet in Multicolore.

The Monogram Multicolore canvas was designed by Takashi Murakami  and was introduced in the Spring of 2003. It is consists of 33 silkscreened colors.  I love how vibrant the colors are.  Each purses or wallets differ on the predominance of color combination.  Some have fuchsia, white, green.. some have dark yellow, dark pink, and dark purple.  And with my Sarah wallet the predominant combination of colors are dark blue, chartreuse,  and light blue.

Detailed features:  (
  • 7.5X4 inches
  • Monogram Multicolore canvas, grained leather lining, golden brass pieced
  • Press stud closure
  • Ten credit card slots (4 in front, 6 inside)
  • One large pocket for bills and receipts
  • Two large compartments for notes and papers
  • One zippered compartment for coins
  • Retails at 765 usd


I've had this wallet for about - months and I am in love with it! I use it everyday except of course on days when I carry a smaller purse or my eva clutch.  I chose the monogram multicolore because whenever I look at my zippy coin purse in white multicolore it always cheers me up. I love the play of colors and it is such a delight every time I use it.   However since it is white it gets dirty really easy especially the fabric of the zipper.  It really bugged me so I opted for black for the Sarah wallet.  They have different colors to choose from for the lining but I love the combination of fuchsia pink with black.  I think the color term is grenade.  I love how the pink stands out giving it a nice pop of color.

Aside from the color, what I really love about this wallet is how the card slots are arranged.  There are 4 card slots in the front where you can put your most commonly used credit or debit cards.  Believe me this really makes a huge difference especially if you are in a rush to pay.  You don't have to rummage inside your wallet to look for your card.  The other six card slots are neatly concealed inside so you can put your rewards card or spare credit cards you don't use often.  There is a zippered pocket in between two large compartments for coins but I don't really put coins in my wallet.  I have a separate coin purse because I feel like my wallet holds up better and longer if I don't put coins in it. There is also a large compartment at the back.  Kindda like a "secret" compartment where you can put bills.

I think the Sarah wallet is a pretty good size for everyday use. The two large compartments can hold a pretty good amount of notes and receipts.  It is not as big as the Zippy wallet but for everyday use it is great.  I like it that it has a press stud closure because it is so much easier to access it.  So far I don't have issues with the silkscreen monogram chipping or peeling.  The glaze on the side is still intact which I know some people have issues with it as well.    Aside from light scratches on the golden brass bacause of normal wear, the wallet still looks new.  I find that LV wallet lasts long and ages pretty well.

So those are my thoughts about Sarah wallet.  I hope this review is helpful to you guys.   Zippy coin purse review coming up next! =)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: Balenciaga City in Regular Hardware

Hi guys! Sorry it has been a while since my last post.  Been so busy with a lot of stuff but anyways, it's good to be back.  Today I'm going to share with my you favorite purse at the moment.  I've been using her everyday and I love her so much! She is so soft, supple, smooshy... I can just go on and on... but it is true with what they say about Balenciaga purses...  every leather is different each year, each season.  It's hard to buy online cause you have to touch it to know if it is the one... when your heart flutters and sing with each stroke.. don't let it go away.  Sorry for being such a corn ball.. I guess that's how it is... being in love... ;)  Anyways, here is my new love...

Balenciaga City in Regular Hardware

This purse belongs to the motorcycle line.  Motorcycle is a line of purse of Balenciaga that has a tassel hanging on the zipper with regular hardware or a thimble-like giant hardware with out the tassel.  This type of purse is also known for their soft, supple leather and the most sought after characteristic of this purse is the distressed, vintage look.  The older it gets, the more softer and beautiful it becomes.  It comes with different sizes.  (width x height x dimension) The City is the mid size.  15" x 9.4" x 5.5  It is so roomy and can hold your everyday essentials and more.  I love the relaxed, slouchy feel of the purse.  It feels buttery soft to the touch and the leather smells so intoxicating.  The shoulder strap is very comfortable that it doesn't dig on your shoulder.

I've been wanting to get this purse for such a long time.  I just couldn't get myself to buy it because as you all know most of my purses are a bit conservative.. or a little bit "boring".  I felt like I wouldn't be able to rock this purse since it is way out of my style.  I didn't want to get a purse that will just sit on my shelf.  I've researched so much that I decided to go out of my comfort zone and finally bought it.  That was one of the best decision I made purse wise.  It is the most versatile purse ever.  The leather is awesome.  I love it every time I use her because she is so light weight and I can fill her with so much stuff not worrying about shoulder pain.  It goes with either casual or dressy clothes.   I guess when you get older, your taste changes with age.  I love that the purse is plain with no label, very understated.. but you'll know right away that it is of best quality.

I love this purse so much that I can see myself using this purse for so many years to come. =)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Purse Review: Chanel Classic Flap in Jumbo

My love for Chanel started about 2 years ago when I came across The Purse Forum.  I was into LV at that time and would spend so much time on the forum researching purses.  Then I saw Mia's blog... and fell in love with Chanel completely.  She has the most extensive Chanel collection I've ever seen! =)  In different colors and sizes that it seems like you are in a candy store!  I love her fashion style and how she is very down to earth.

Anyways, going back...I got my first Chanel... a classic med/large flap in lambskin in gold hardware.  I love her to pieces!  The texture of lambskin is so luxurious.  The size is perfect for a nice dinner.. a night out or fancy dates... a timeless classic purse that matches with everything.  I love her so much that I wanted to get a bigger size for an everyday purse that is classic, fits everything that I carry and will use forever and ever, hence I got one in jumbo.  I wanted to get it in caviar but that time caviar was always sold out.. I guess it still is..  so I got the lambskin instead. I still got it in black because I think  it is versatile...  and I chose the silver hardware for a more casual look...I love it but it  is just so delicate... for an everyday purse it is not really a wise idea to baby it all the time.  I don't mind it in med/large because I don't usually use it everyday plus the texture is perfect in that size...but with the jumbo I get paranoid of denting or scratching it.  So it didn't really get to see the sun as much as I want it to...  I love my lambskin jumbo..  it is just so high maintenance that you may want to consider the caviar if you are planning to get one in this size.  ;)

After I got the black jumbo in lambskin, I've been researching for a lighter colored purse for spring/summer..  The Jumbo Clair Beige in caviar and gold hardware caught my eye.  I called so many Chanel store if they have it in stock but none of them had it.  The only place that have it nationwide at that time was in South Coast Plaza.. but they had it in lambskin and a floor model.  It was tempting... but I kept on reminding my self never to get lambskin in jumbo again... and being a floor model was a deal breaker.  So I held off at that time and that was the wisest decision I've ever made.  Well, purse related of course.. =)  I kept on researching and looking for the purse and it  took me awhile to finally track it down. I found one in ebay.  It was new with tags and a little pricey than the store... I guess because it was in demand at that time and the seller wants to price it more...  I had it authenticated and it was real...but after three days on the listing it was sold... I was sooo bummed.   So the hunt continued... after a week I saw another listing of Clair Beige on ebay.  This time it was preowned.. it was in excellent condition and about 300 usd less than brand new... long story short... I got it and never regretted it since =)  Sorry guys if I'm boring you with my Chanel story... so let's move along...

All Chanel purses comes with a dustbag

Chanel Jumbo in Clair Beige in Gold Hardware

Up close...

All Classic Flaps have an authenticity card.

The number on the card should match the hologram sticker inside the purse.

Sorry I made a mistake it is not a date code but the product number and it can be found inside the lower left hand side

Up close of the hologram sticker.

What fits inside...

I took the camera out so you can see the inside.  It is pretty roomy.  Everyday essentials fit perfectly.

Side by side with the Jumbo Caviar in Silver hardware

Up close with the Black Jumbo... with the interlocking cc.. the right c should overlap the left on top and the left bottom one should overlap the right

One of the things to look for to know if the purse is authentic is the closure hardware ..  it should have the Chanel and Paris engraved with two screws

The interior is a rich burgundy color

Another thing to consider the authenticity is the stitching of the quilt.. it should be continuous...
Here I have a small dent =(...Lambskin... Oh well... but I still love you! ;)

Side by side comparison of texture of Lambskin and Caviar...
The lambskin is very smooth and pristine looking while the caviar has a pebbled look to it.

Different sizes of my classic flaps

Front view...

Side view...

Now on to modelling pics =)
The Jumbo size you can wear in two ways...
The crossbody type...

And as a shoulder bag...

I don't find the size overwhelming at all...  it is actually a good size as an everyday purse.

Now modeling the beige flap...

I just love the color for spring and summer...

 Crossbody style...

Overall, I love Chanel purses... the Classic flap in particular...  They are just so elegant, classic and timeless pieces.  You can match them with almost anything.  Either you are all dressed up or dressing down.  However the price has increased so much that it is hard for me to justify getting another one.   Someday perhaps but at the moment I'm happy with my mini collection that will last me forever and ever and ever and ever   ;)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Thank you so much for dropping by! =)

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well =) It has been awhile!  I'm doing good but just been preoccupied with a lot of stuff =)  Anyways had a fun photo shoot yesterday thought of sharing a couple of shots with you all.  Have a great weekend!

I'll try to update soon! =)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Hi guys! So sorry it has been a long time!  I'm doing well =) Thank you so much for everyone that has been asking if I'm okay.. Just been so busy.  I just moved to a new place so a lot of moving and packing and on top of that went for a vacation.. which was planned first before the moving thing so I can't really cancel my trip.. but anyways, everything is cool and loving the new place! =)  This will be a very quick update.. I promise I'll share pictures from my trip on my next post ;)

Before I left for vacation, everything was chaotic because it has only been 2 days that we completely moved out from the old apartment from the day of my trip.  When I came back, I was so busy attending the business that I just took my time organizing stuff.  Everything is still in chaos but hopefully when we are settled in things will be perfect =)

By the way this weekend, we've been eating sooo much.  Just want to share some pics and places that we went. =)

This is a very quaint breakfast place in Pasadena.  Howard and I love to eat out for breakfast and we always go to IHOP.  However I always wanted to try different breakfast places and saw this at Yelp.  Review is good and it is family owned so food and ambiance is different.  I took Howard here yesterday and he loved it.

He had Breakfast Burrito!
Serving was so huge that we have to take the half to go.  It was very satisfying!

I had the Belgian Waffle combo.. plus a side of bacon and a side of hash browns! =)  This is by far the best Belgian Waffle I ever had... crispy and light =)  We stuffed ourselves full that day!

We walked around old town Pasadena.. so many great shops and restaurants..  did some hauling at Forever 21 and H&M.  We passed by this cute chocalate place.. just have to take a picture of  this cute Panda!

We also went to this popular dimsum place in Arcadia for dinner.  The wait was so long!  I ate here before for a business meeting but wanted Howard to try it so we decided to eat here for dinner.

The chopstick wrapper has a step by step instructions on how to eat the dumplings!

This is one of their popular dumplings.. the juicy pork and crab dumplings...

You place the dumpling in the spoon and pour vinegar in it. You nibble the dumpling and suck on the juice... I poured a lot of vinegar... that's how I eat my dumpling! The juice is so good =)

The shrimp and pork siu mai... Howard loves the shape of this dumpling!

This spicy noodle is great to pair with the dumplings!

Din Tai Fung is a good dumpling house to try.  It is a little bit pricey as compared to other dimsum places in San Gabriel Valley but I guess they serve different kind of dumpling that is worth to try.  I forgot to take pictures of the pork fried rice and green beans we had but they didn't really taste unique.

Today, we went to Malibu with the doggies and ate at Neptune's net.  If you guys love seafood.. this is an amazing place!  Fresh and succulent King Crab legs, shrimp and Dungeness Crab!

Howard was sooo stuffed and happy!  Before we met he never liked seafood! ;)  Now he eats it more than I do!

After lunch we head out to Malibu Country Mart... an outdoor mall that is quaint as well.  We always come here for dessert after stuffing ourselves with so much crustaceans!
With Teacup and Chloe enjoying the beautiful day!  Howard loves to make fun of my jumpsuit!  He calls it "onesies'!

He got me coffee icecream..
Amaretto Truffle and Chocolate Mint Ganache!

The mint ganache is a little too strong for our taste..

Carrot Cupcake for Dessert!

Very moist.. I love the shredded carrots bits!

Stuffing ourselves happy! =)

Thanks for reading my post!
I've missed you guys... =)
Happy Easter!

My Tea and Choester saying hi too!