Saturday, December 18, 2010

Random: Extra in Extra! =P

Weekends!  How do I love thee! =)  Let me count the ways... 
Nahh!  I'm just so happy that I can wake up late and be a sluggie for two days! =)   
I'm waiting for the Fedex guy to come in right now.  It has been raining the last couple of days here.. hopefully my package won't get wet.  So excited!  Will do a unboxing type of thing for you guys when it arrives ;)  Anyways, just a random post of my date with my dear friend Gay last Wednesday.

Gay and I used to work together.  She is one of my closest friend here in the States.  She is very kind and funny.  No dull moments with this girl! =)  We met up last Wednesday to catch up and hang out.  We went to the Grove in LA.  So funny cause when we got off the elevator, Mario Lopez walked in front of us.  Totally unexpected.. we were like.. speechless and guess "starstruck"?  Hehe! hope you don't laugh at me guys, Mario Lopez is the first international celebrity I've ever seen!  So we were kindda like don't know what to do. Then the security told us that if we want to see him we go to the front of the theater cause they have a shooting their for Extra.  How cool!  We walked over the theater to check what was going on and one of the crew approached us that if we want to be part of the audience we can hang out there till the end of the show and they would have a giveaway to give at the end.  We were so excited to be part of the audience.  A first for both of us to be part of a shoot.  =)  The crew picked audiences to chat with Mario and the director instructs other audiences to walk at the background to look like they are doing their holiday shopping.  Me and Gay, we don't really know what to do, we were giggling and taking pictures on the side.  The security was kind of rude though, I guess that is why he was hired.. he told us Mario doesn't have time to take pictures well when in fact we were just in the corner taking pictures of each other with Mario at the back.  So I told Gay we'll just wait at the stage cause we don't really know where to go.  As we passed by the fountain, the director saw us and called me to sit beside him.  Lo and behold.. an Extra at Extra! =)  So happy that I get to sit with Mario at one of his shoots!  It was unexpected but  totally fun!  Mario is very nice.  He smiled and told me, just act as if you are interested at what I'm saying.   After the shot, he kidded me if did I do what he asked me to do =)  He was really nice.  Here's a clip of the scene.  I look funny though!  Whatever! I'm just so happy!

Hehe!  Can't get over how I looked at that clip!  =)  Anyways, going back.. it was fun to witness a shoot on how they do it and how it looks on TV.  That day they had the Dispicable gang on the show giving away Blu Ray CD.  And also they had Santa giving away, Guitar Hero and DJ Hero for PS3, Xbox and Wii.  Gay and I were so lucky that day!  We both got DJ hero!  =)  It was a very fun experience for both of us.  I don't know how long they will have Extra at the Grove.  But you guys can check cause they have on the schedule every weekdays 8am to 3pm.  Have fun!

By the way, after the show we went to eat lunch at Cheesecake Factory to catch up on things.  Sooo glad to see and chat with Gay.  A breath of fresh air! =)  Here are some pics we got during our day out! =)  It was hard though lugging the DJ hero with us while strolling around!  But can never complain with free stuff! =)  I had so much fun Gay, till next time! =)

 A week left before Christmas!  Are you guys done with your holiday shopping?  Tangs, so sorry the Christmas present will be way late.. just received the watches yesterday..  I'll try to send them within this week.  Just kiss each one of them on Christmas Day! Hehe! Mwah!


zsa zsa said...

woooot! wooot! artistahin!!! :-) is he yummy in person as he is on tv?

wow. hambal ni ahia leather jacket girl ka kuno heheh

its ok :-) i will just give their gifts when they arrive hehe. better late than nothing :-)

by the way, what did you buy for yourself? i hope you did buy a present for yourself :-D

KC said...

haha nice! Did you get something for yourself? I know the rain sucks.. :(

PS: Thanks for following me! I followed u back :)

Peewee said...

@zsa hi tangs! hehe yup he is yummy! hahaha daw naham ot ko sa imo expression ah!
I got the faux leather jacket from forever 21! I love it a lot =) By the way thanks for the christmas and birthday gift! Will post the gift soon =)

@kc I didn't buy anything that day.. but I bought something online =) will post haul soon =)
yeah it has been raining a lot until today! =( so hard to do last minute christmas shopping!

Thank you for following back =) Happy Holidays!

KC said...

haha nice! Did you get something for yourself? I know the rain sucks.. :(

PS: Thanks for following me! I followed u back :)

swatchcrazee said...

lucky! he is soo hot! u picked a great day to be at the grove! the leather jacket looks really good on u.

Angelnudged said...

Hi Angel! =) Yeah we were really lucky that day! It was an awesome experience! =) Mario is a nice guy =) Got the jacket at f21 ;)