Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hi guys!  Vacation time finally starts tomorrow!!! =)  Yehey! =)  My sister in law, her brother and my brother's best friend are coming from the Philippines.  So I have two weeks time off to sight see and travel before they go back to Philippines. So glad!  A much needed time off!  Good thing business is starting to have a structure... hoping for the best! =)  Tangs.. the bacon is almost within reach! hehe ;)  

Our power supply has gone off since yesterday!  Don't know what happened but we heard a loud explosion on the street and the power supply stopped.  It is very uncommon here in the States to have "brown out".  People from SoCal Edison has been working on it since yesterday...  It has been 12 hours already and not fixed yet.. =(  We are in Starbucks right now working.. hopefully it will be fixed by the time we get home.. crossing fingers...

Missing my sisters!  Been browsing yesterday on my old file and saw pics of our vacation..  Had so much fun with them.  I'm so  blessed to have two wonderful sisters.. actually not just sisters.  I'm so blessed to have  wonderful brothers and sisters who are always there to support and can't thank God enough for giving us an amazing mother who raised us well...  

=================4 hours after=============

We are home now and the energy is back! Sweet!!! =) 

Just want to share some pic of the second leg of vacation I had with my sisters that I wasn't able to post.. We went to Malaysia and Singapore.. I'll have two different post for this ;) pic heavy!

The Central Market
Used to be a wet market way back where people sell fish and meats They preserved it's structure... and turned it like a shopping center where people have stalls inside selling different products.. mostly native or hand crafted

Inside the market

My youngest sister bought a matching coin purse for each of us... soooo cute!

Jalan Petaling, famous market in Malaysia where they sell all kinds of stuff!  They have so many varieties of knock off designer goods!  I think it is illegal to sell knock offs in  Malaysia too but they are all displayed not so discreetly.  They also have sooo many different foods!

Beryl's Chocolatier..  our tourist guide said they are well known in Europe.  Durian chocolate is soooo good.  They have so many varieties including chili flavored chocolate. I love the almond tiramisu the best!

We went to see monkeys at this place... they are untamed and freely roaming the street!

You can buy peanuts to feed them, they love bananas the best!

This monkey is sooo cute! He is pulling my hand to ask for a banana

After dark we went to see fireflies....can't really take pictures but they look like christmas lights 
fluttering around...

Next day, we went to see the Petronas Tower.  We wanted to go to the skybridge so we went there around 6 in the morning.. and look at the line!  It was free when we went there last time and they only have limited tickets that's why a lot of people queue.  But I think  they have different set up now.. it's not free anymore but more convenient for the visitors.

 Our skybridge ticket!

So many floors!  Elevator is soooo fast!

Skybridge pic =)

 The View form Petronas Skybridge!

Petronas Tower up close..

Waiting for us bus ride to KL tower...

We wanted to eat at the revolving tower however you have to make reservation in advance...

I love the view way better from KL tower than Petronas Tower...

The Petronas Tower is so pretty from here..

Famous food in Malaysia.. sticky rice cooked in bamboo

Genting Highlands!  Famous amusement park in Malaysia.

Our cab driver was kind enough to bring us in a temple near Genting.. 

 So many kinds of buddha... sleeping, thinking, eating...etc..

My two beautiful sisters!

Inside the amusement park... very cool that day cause it is in the mountains... made the trip enjoyable

They have indoor and outdoor park ... the also have casino inside the indoor park

 We also went to a factory that makes hand painted silk scarves

Each piece is unique because they are all hand painted.

Next stop.. pewter house

It is amazing how they craft it from scratch!

Tambis! Also known as Malay Apple, Wax Apple, so many names!  I've been craving for this for the longest time! =) Have fond childhood memories of this!

Elephant Sanctuarium

 They are so friendly!

And gentle...

 I love elephants!

We also went to feed the deers..

 I really don't know the name of this animal but I was really having a hard time trying to make him feel comfortable...

 Fail! But he is too adorable!

Feeding the bear!

The Batu Cave.  Series of cave made of limestones!  It is a religious site full of hindu statues and paintings.

It has 272 steps leading to a temple up but the steps are sooo steep... so scary!

Up in the cave they sell various religious stuff...

Another steep steps going up!

Finally! Reached the top.  It was quite a work out!

My sister working her way down... you really have to be careful...sooo steep... and it was raining a little bit that time.

It was really fun!  Malaysia is nice place to visit especially if you love nature, landscapes and such... had so much fun especially with the company I had!  

I'll end this post with a group shot! =)


Vonvon said...

Hi Pee Wee,

Thanks for following my blog. Followed you back.

When I read this post, I am just smiling all the way....you and your sisters really had a great time in Malaysia. :) Very nice photos.

zsa zsa said...

i suddenly miss my two wonderful sisters waaahhh!! *sigh* i am all alone here with kira abno.

i miss our bonding moments. we should plan our next vacation! where to, girls?? when?? :-)

Peewee said...

@zsa come visit me here!!!

zsa zsa said...

ho i wish!!! got to get visa first! :-( but in order to get that, i have to get myself a husband first wahaha

Vonvon said...

Hi Pee Wee,

Thanks for following my blog. Followed you back.

When I read this post, I am just smiling all the way....you and your sisters really had a great time in Malaysia. :) Very nice photos.

PearlyButterfly said...

I'm proud Malaysian.. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Malaysia...

Angelnudged said...

Hi Pearlybutterfly! =) Thanks for dropping by my blog =) We had so much fun during our vacation.. hope to came back some day!