Saturday, October 30, 2010


Weekends!!!  My favorite time of the week! =)  Been so busy the last couple of weeks.  Traveling, phone calls.. not needed stress.... so tiring!  Good thing this Saturday and Sunday we are off... a much needed fresh air! =)  Couldn't be happier! =)  Updates.. nothing much..  just sooo happy that the business is starting  to take off.. found the right supplier and met the right people so I'm very excited about that.  Hope everything will push through.  So thankful that my brother is here to help out.. if not... I don't know.. I would still have been stuck on step one.  Despite all the tiring days and hectic schedule I can't complain.  Pretty soon I've have the best job I've always dreamed of. =)  

Something happened right now that I have to deal with.  It is sad.. but something's are not meant to be I guess...  I'm just sad because I always thought about it as my future... but anyways...  move on and be strong...  

I am going to a Halloween Party tonight... can't believe it has already been a year since the last time I posted a Halloween pic!  I haven't seen my friends for such a long time!  Missed them a lot!  I bought my costume last minute because I wasn't thinking of going.  But because of an unforseen incident that   happened I have to keep it out my mind and forget about it forever.  Why do I keep coming back on this unfortunate incident??  Hay.. sorry guys.. change topic.  Anyways, I'll post pic of the final look =)  

Last Wednesday we went to Carson, Nevada for a business trip.  It is an hour plane ride from LA.  It is a small city but very peaceful.  My brother loves it there!  He actually wants to migrate there.  =)  We met up with his broker and they were very nice.  Very friendly and they were from California actually and moved there.   The weather is cool at this time of the month.  Their place is like 20 mins away from Lake Tahoe.  

View from the plane.. mountain capped with snow...

Tired brother! =P

Random shot at Americana in Glendale

That's it!  Happy Halloween guys!

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zsa zsa said...

That's great to hear :-)

Does aria know that u posted his pic? Hehe

If I may ask, what happened? I am such a chismax I can't help asking :-)