Monday, October 11, 2010

Mac Venomous Villain Mini Haul =P

Hi guys!  Sorry for the lack of update.  Not feeling well today.. dunno if I'm coming down with a flu or something.. plus on hold for naked tutorial at the moment... I've been having a bad breakout on my forehead.. dunno if it's stress related or what but I haven't used anything different  on my skincare regimen to have this breakout.  I'll just wait for these guys to clear up before I make a video of the naked palette ;)  Anyways as the title says.. a mini haul from the Venomous Villain Collection recently released by mac.

I didn't really get a lot of products from the collection.  I just got two lippies, a beauty powder and a blush which I think are really pretty.  The reviews are kind of mix from this collection.. there are some who doesn't like it or don't find the collection unique.. and some who like it for the packaging and some who really really like the color collection.  Only a few days on the mac website and it is sold out already.  I'm glad I was able to get these products. 

On to the mini haul...

Bite of an Apple (matte)

a very bright matte coral blush.  very pigmented... use a light hand when
applying this blush.

Briar Rose Beauty Powder

a muted cool pink with pearlescent finish...not as pigmented as I would like 
it to be but still pretty shade..great for highlighting as well

On to the lippies!

Toxic Tale
Bright coral with a satin's pretty that it brightens
your face.


Very red.. love this color!  It is very creamy and the shade is perfect
red for me.


I have this lippy already.  It's a pro color and very pretty as well.  It
looks ultra violet in the tube but when applied has a berry pink tone to it.


So far I'm loving all the products I got... =)  sorry guys can't post face of the day using
these products because of my nasty pimples... just a random pic I took awhile back
while having fun with photobooth! =)


zsa zsa said...

yahoo! yahoo! something to add to my collection :-)

i lost my viva glam IV lipstick and a dazzleglass :-(

violetta pala is not that violet!

love your eyes! is it smokey?

Peewee said...

hi tangs! =) im sure you'll like the lippies from the collection, they are up your alley! =) what happened to your viva glam lipstick? =( yup violetta has a hint of berry pink when applied on the lips =) hehe medyo smokey na siya was playing on smokey eyes awhile back nami man? daw di man na back eye no? hehe