Thursday, September 30, 2010

Harajuku Clutch! Yummmiebitez giveaway contest

 Hi guys!  So excited to share with you my prize from Anne's giveaway contest three weeks ago.  She asked what are the three staple items in my make up bag... my answer... 

3 staples in my kit:
1. oil control film- to take the greasiness off my tzone
2. lip gloss- to retouch after I eat and drink
3. eyelash curler-to open up my eyes all the time cause sometimes my curl doesn't really stay that long.

Thank you so much Anne! =)  You are very sweet!

Anyways... here is the Harajuku Make Up Clutch!

Very fun summery yellow color!

It features all the Harajuku girls...

In their bikinis!

It is very rooooomy!

 Lies flat and can fit any purse!

Hope you guys enjoy it and have a good one!


zsa zsa said...

...and i won, yehey! i know im such a dork <-----------very funny and very cute hehe

nice pouch :-) very bright and happy. Congrats congrats :-)

Catanya said...

Ohhh! I love the clutch! Lucky girl!

Peewee said...

@zsa hahaha! excited daan! =) thanks tangs!

@catanya thank you =) love your blog! =)