Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tutorial: French Tip Manicure

Hi guys!  Just want to share with you how I do my french tip manicure.  This type of manicure is a little bit tricky especially shaping the white tips of the nails.  But with practice it gets easier each time so don't get discouraged.  One useful tip too is you can cut the brush shorter so that it is easier to control while shaping. This is my first time to use a voice over so kindda new to it and and my voice sounds funny.. well at least for me lol! =D so pls excuse... guess practice makes perfect in everything we do.  But I had fun making this video so I guess that's what matters! ;)  Enjoy!
I'll let you in a little secret... my guilty pleasure everytime I do my nails... listening to Britney Spears songs! I saw this on you tube and was really impressed!  Britney was in her most perfect form during this tour.  She is a good performer! =)

And some random photobooth shots! =P  Have a good one guys!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My deepest joy is my deepest pain... sad but true.. just feeling so sad and low today... nothing is constant in this world.. even sadness and pain.. only change is permanent.. ever evolving.. The sun will come out tomorrow.. brighter and sunnier!  Looking forward with a bright smile!  Thank you Lord for letting me keep even an ounce of my sanity..  and a pinch of self worth.   

In The Nude!

Hi guys! =)  I'm so happy to share that my first Christian Louboutin shoe came in the mail yesterday! =)  I've been hanging out a lot in The Purse Forum trying to figure out what shoe to get for my first one.  And finally made a decision.  Come and join me for a live reveal! =)

The Packaging!

Now on to the shoe!

Nude Altadama 140mm

The Famous Red Sole!

A Classic Peep toe

Just want to share another nude favorite!
MAC Nail Polish in Abalone Shell
So creamy, this is two coats.. the perfect nude polish!
Nude on Nude! <3

And a special video reveal for you guys!  
That's it guys!  Have a fun Tuesday everyone!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I had a strange dream last night..  I was feeling so bad and crying so hard..  I felt so much sadness and sympathy over my grandmother who passed away 7 weeks and 3 days ago.  I don't know how the dream started but I was talking to my mom.. crying hard saying Gwama never experienced a good life while she was still alive..  she suffered so much but never complained.  She loved her children and grandchildren unconditionally and despite hardships always welcome everyone with a big smile and jovial attitude.  I felt so much anguish that I never get to spend time with her... to be with her and to know everything about her. I know her but not deep enough to know how her life was before she married my grandfather.  How she raised 5 children.. how she dealt with her in-laws and how they treated her.. so many things that I can only witness through my aunts stories.  Even if I was far from her, (she lived in the Philippines)  her love and care always reached me. Even in my dreams.. amidst my sorrow.. she comforted me.. with her voice I heard a reassuring "I love you".. without any trace of sadness or despair but a warm I love you that I will always remember..  Thank you so much for everything Gwama..  I love you more..

Thursday, August 5, 2010


It's been awhile! =)  I know.. just got back here in LA 2 weeks ago.  And still have this nasty jet lag! =(  I thought this week I'd be better cause last night my sleep was pretty normal.  But this day...ugh! Slept through whole day again! =(  Anyways.. hope by the end of the week I'd get the hang of LA time ;)

What have I been doing the last couple of months...?  Mostly.. eating, hanging out with family and friends..and eating! =)  

Chili Crabs!

"Diwal" and Baked Oysters

Baked and Steamed Oysters


Grilled Fish

Fish Soup

Missing the food a lot! =(  Aside from it though... there is no place like home.

I'm missing a lot of travel pics so I'll try to post it little at a time so that I won't get too far behind.  Before I end this post.. just want to share the going away present my two sisters gave me.  It was really thoughtful and sweet.. thanks tangs.. thanks ga.. =)

Posing with my silly smile! =P

Philip Stein!
From their site...
Frequency Technology
Philip Stein currently offers two technologies in its best-selling timepieces – Electromagnetic Frequency technology utilizing electromagnetic fields, introduced in 2003, and Natural Frequency Technology, introduced in 2008. Both technologies work within the same beneficial key frequency of 7-9 hertz, which encompasses the chief resonant frequency of the natural earth and is a frequency that is harmonious and grounding to life. Studies have shown that both technologies have similar results, and consumers have reported better sleep, less stress, clearer focus and better concentration when wearing Philip Stein watches regardless of the technology.

An important difference between the two technologies is the delivery system of these frequencies. While one utilizes electro-magnetic frequencies, which are delivered through a dual chip system, the Natural Frequency technology is delivered to wearers through a metal disk inside the watch that has been infused with key frequencies in a proprietary process. When worn on the wrist, the watch exposes frequencies and information to the biofield of the person wearing it. The biofield, which is the Master energy field that regulates the body’s functions, informs the body to relax, and in doing so, the person becomes more resistant and resilient to stress. When wearing a Philip Stein frequency watch you are more in harmony with natural earth, centered and grounded… all of which creates a better and healthier “you”.


The best part of the gift... letters!

Although I'm far... thank you so much for making me feel that I'm not alone... =) Love you guys!