Friday, May 28, 2010

Paul and Joe!

We will be leaving in a while for the 2nd leg of our Asia tour... but I just cant wait to post these goodies my sister brought! =) Soooo happy! I know these days beauty product makes me very excited! What can I do? It's fun being a girl! ;P  Anyhoo...  these are my first Paul and Joe products! =) A lot of firsts for me haha!  Been loyal to Mac for a long time... now, time to explore different brands..especially asian brands!

I love to use blotting when my sis mentioned about it I have to get it ;P

It comes with an extra 100 pcs refill and lip conditioner.

The sheets are designed with Mr Rabbit and trademark flower of Paul and Joe

The lip conditioner has a baby pink shade.  The packaging is cute but a little flimsy

This blush is very very popular

Packaging is cute but made of cardboard

Comes with a cute puff

The blush is unique..comes in tiny balls



Shade 05

Shade 02


Shade 05

Lip Laquer

Powder Foundation

Sorry this is a very rushed post.  I'll post my thoughts when I get back =) Have fun!

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