Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Etude House! =)

Hi guys! Finally I'll be able to post some Etude products and swatches today =) I still haven't figured out how to insert labels but.. I'll just name them under the pictures =).  This is actually the first time I'll be trying out the Etude line...and I'm so excited! =)   Actually after I tried Skinfood products I've been wanting to try other asian brands and see how they are.  Thank you Tangs! =) Anyhoo...let's get started! =)

I like the delicate packaging of this blush...

It is so princess like...=) the puff adds a feminine touch

It's a semi-matte finish with a very sheer sheen...it's not as pigmented as I like but very buildable

Not at all chalky!

Next is this eyeshadow palette

I love this packaging!!! =)

This quad has a lot of shimmer...very princessy...and silky smooth with application

Cherry Lip Tint!

It looks exactly like this color when swatched...(swatches at the end of the post) 
however doesn't really show up too wellon my lips... I like the 
cherry scent though but it has a weird taste...

The Lippies!

Packaging is cute... but I'm not really too crazy about...probably 
because of the color ;)  However....the product is amazing!!!

This is shade...1

Shade 8
I'm really  fond of this lipstick... I get a lot of compliment when wearing this.
Especially from my younger brother who doesn't really notice anything about make up! =)
It has a faint mango scent and very moisturizing.

The Fantastic Rouge Gloss

Shade 2
This gloss is a little bit thick but not sticky.  It is not too pigmented to wear by
itself but looks great on top of a lipstick.  It also has a faint scent of mango and doesn't
have any weird taste.

It has a gold sheen to it.

The Graduation Cheek blush

Packaging is adorable!

Bow detail is so cute!

This blush is superpigmented!  I like it! It smells like....mangoes too! =)

The Graduation Eyes Palette

Instructions on applying the colors..


This palette is great.  It's super soft and pigmented!  I like this a lot!

See how smooth the texture is? =)

The BB Sponge Cake

It looks like this...I'm not really a fan of this packaging..kinda bulky and weird looking..

The mini brush that comes with it... not a fan of it too...

The BB cake!  I never used a BB cake before... this kinda reminds me of a cream 
foundation... didn't really get to test it out.. because it is so hot here in the 
Philippines right now but I'll let you my thoughts once I tried it.

BB Cream

It comes in a tube with a pump which is so cool for sanitary purposes.

It dries matte and coverage is good.

And lastly...Dr. Lash

This doesn't have any English instructions on how to use it but my sister said to use
small tube first from roots of the eyelashes to tips and then followed by
the bigger tube to coat.

(L-R)  Lipstick in 8, Lipstick in 1, Cherry Lip Tint, Lipgloss in 2
Bottom:  Pink blush

That's it folks...sorry a very long post... I like the packaging, the scent and quality of Etude House Products.  Some products are hits and others are miss but I'm glad I'm able to try it out.  Till then!

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