Monday, March 15, 2010

C is for...Chanel!

This is actually related to my earlier post.  The purse that I've been wanting to get is the chanel jumbo clair beige in caviar. =)  I've looked all over the place, called almost all chanel store here and near socal but they don't have any in stock.  The SA at South Coast Plaza Mall said they don't have any shipment coming in in caviar, only lamb skin and that is til June.  I don't want to get another lambskin because they are so delicate and I don't think my purse will survive without scatches...although they have the lambskin in beige in the store which I think doesn't really hold up well because it is a display item and the last one in the whole nation, I didn't give in.  Then, I started searching at Ebay.. I know there are a lot of knock offs at just have to be really careful, while searching and... I saw a brand new one!  I was really excited but kindda apprehensive because I never bought any luxury item over there.  I had the purse authenticated at the purse forum, everything is 100% authentic and after 3 days...the purse was sold!  I was so sad and thought I wasn't meant to have the purse...that's why when I saw the multicolore speedy I got it.  Then after a week, I browse through ebay and I saw a pre-owned one.  Had it authenticated right away...everything was okay.  But I used my funds already for the LV purse.  The bf saw me having second thoughts although I really really like it and had been searching for quite some time..he bought it and offered to chip in for the purse.  And to make the long story is my 

Chanel Clair Beige in Jumbo with Gold Hardware!

She is stunningly beautiful.  I like it that it holds up very well and I don't have to worry about scratches and stuff and not to "baby" it.  It is relatively roomy and can fit a lot of stuff as compared to my med/large flap one that I think can only hold my zippy wallet.  You can rock this purse in three ways because of the length of the chain.  You can use it messenger style, shoulder bag or a hand bag by adjusting the chain.  I've got to warn you though that since this is a light colored purse it is prone to color transfer..meaning whatever material it comes in contact with or let say rubbed against it can get the stain from the jeans, etc.  I used it one time and was using my black sweatshirt, when I looked at the back pocket I saw a slight blackening and freaked out!  Good thing I have facial wipes and now it is good as new.  Just make sure that the wipes doesn't contain any alcohol in it.  But other than that I'm happy with my purse.  It is a very classic piece.  Now I'm officially on a purse ban!

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