Monday, February 1, 2010


Caught in the act!!!

I look so funny here!  So surprised! Thought of sharing this pic.  I have to cut down sweets...made a deal with the sugary drinks for me or desert type of foods for him for awhile or 3k!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

The Lovers in Vegas!

Have a great week ahead!


zsa zsa said...

wow!! damo m&ms ba!!! yum yum! lovers in vegas ha, kaladlawan pa pic nyo duha hehehe

Peewee said...

hahaha! gina suya an gani ni howie corny daw ang title lovers in vegas! =)

pangga said...

woah!! chocolates!! i want some!!! hahahha grabe gd ya... amazing.... as in!!

Peewee said...

thanks! go go na di ga =)