Sunday, February 7, 2010

Zoya: Jo from 09 spring collection

Hi guys! I purchased a couple of zoya sampler awhile back but haven't had the chance to play with it.  Today, I finally get the chance to do some nail care plus nail art.  Here's a quick look of my nail of the day!

Jo- shimmering silver blue metallic
I used two coats to achieve this color payoff.  What I like about this is that it is very creamy and so easy to apply.  It does not streak at all. 

And here is my first attempt with konad!  Not bad huh! =)

A closer look...some designs are not perfect..but as the saying goes...practice makes perfect! (please excuse my dry cuticles)

Tricks of the trade!
I used the special konad white polish, scraper, stamp, plate.

I got the whole set last year...

And here are the contents.

I'm liking this kit a lot!  So convenient and easy to use!  For people who are creative and likes artsy nail stuff.. this kit is for you.  Will I ever repurchase this...? YES! =)

I lvoe! =)

Hi guys! =) Hope everyone is doing great! I'm so happy with the package that came in yesterday! =)  I've been researching about this particular thing for awhile and I finally cave in.  A gift for myself. hehe!  Introducing...a new addition to me collection...

I love to order online when in comes to small leather goods cause they package it really nice!

Let's take a look! =)  Hint:  It is very small, although it's big in the picture.

A multicolor 4-key holder!

Inside view...litchi colored inside...

They do complementary  initials on it...

Now my keys are perfectly housed...need not worry scratching stuff inside my purse!

I lvoe this a lot! =)  

Monday, February 1, 2010


Caught in the act!!!

I look so funny here!  So surprised! Thought of sharing this pic.  I have to cut down sweets...made a deal with the sugary drinks for me or desert type of foods for him for awhile or 3k!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

The Lovers in Vegas!

Have a great week ahead!