Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Disney Part Deux!

Finally! Now I know how to resize! Silly me! hehe ;P  Anways, here's the 2nd part of my Disney Fantasy Birthday! =) Warning! Pic heavy and a whole lot of cam whoring! 


Astro something..I forgot the name of the ride teehee!  But it is interesting because you can maneuver the ride to go up or down by controlling the lever inside.  The only downside is that the seat is too small for two adults to share..guess it is meant for kids! hehe!

Silly pose after the ride!

Lunch time!!!  We ate at Big Thunder.  Eat all you can barbeque ribs and chicken family style!

Relaxing ambiance inside the park.  Cowboy Style!

Picture taking while waiting!

 I am hungry!!!!

The grub!  All you can eat for $19.99 per person..not bad at all...we had another two "pail" full of ribs after this one.

I love this backdrop!  Sooo festive!

Getting ready for another ride.  Soooo crowded at the haunted mansion!

Good thing there is a fast pass.  You can go to machine and get a fast pass ticket to come back at a certain time and you don't have to wait for the long line.  Very convenient!  Good job Disney! =) Modelling pic near the fast pass machine!

While waiting for our entry time to haunted mansion.

Inside the mansion...very festive..when we came there it was their 2nd to the last day of Christmas theme.  No wonder it was crowded!  Everyone wants to have a last glimpse of the Christmas season.

Scary Pumpkins!!!

May I help you??

Getting ready for the Christmas Fantasy Parade! Eating ice cream at the curb side! How fun!

People started gathering around the street for the parade.

Started to get dark.  Lighted Balloons!!! Very Pretty!!!

Here comes the parade...of gingerbreads!

Princess Ariel and Prince Eric!

Snow White and Prince Charming!

Cinderella and The Prince!

Belle and The Beast!

Chip and Dale!!! Too cute!!!

The Seven Dwarfs...err in this pic 4 with the hat of the fifth sticking out on the left corner ;P

The Dancing Reigndeers!  Hehe it was awkward watching them because they are standing.  They look like my chi Teacup!

The Finale Float..Santa Claus!!!!

I had sooo much fun.... all bundled up waiting for the fireworks...

Too bad they cancelled it because of the wind...but nonetheless I had soo much fun!!!

Till then Disneyland!  I have a whole year to explore you! :P


zsa zsa said...

wow! nice pics ha. y man nga daw mas nami da ya ang disneyland haw? i should go there some time hehe
grabe, ang diet natabog na sa window wahaha

Peewee said...

haha! yup you should visit! gani no diet na subong...been drinking starbucks everyday! so much for 2010 resolution! grrr! Hambal sang coworker ko na taga hk mas nami daw disneyland digto galing it so happened na christmas theme sila so mas festive decoration nila =)

zsa zsa said...

mas dami dira feeling ko. pero sang christmas ang hk disneyland may artificial snow daan, etc amo na guro hambal nya mas nami hehe. diet ka na. dugay dugay ikaw na pinaka tambok wahaha