Sunday, January 31, 2010

Urban Decay: Alice in Wonderland!

Growing up, I've always loved watching Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Actually all Disney cartoons. =) Nerdy I know hehe ;P  She might not be one of Disney's Princesses but she's not behind the list of Disney's well loved characters.  She is smart, funny, brave and spontaneous!  So when I found out that a movie by Tim Burton is coming out I was soooo ecstatic and excited!!!  Can't wait for it in 3D! =)  And also another great news is the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadow by Urban Decay! And lo and behold....taaadaaa!  My very own palette!

It's the same size as the previous two book of shadows that came out.

Open up...
A pop up scene where Alice met the caterpillar!

Slide it open..
16 shadows, 2 eyeliners and a travel size primer potion!

Take a closer look...


The first two rows...

close up...

The two last rows...

close up...

My thoughts:  I really like this palette!  The shadows are pigmented and easy to apply.  They have different type of finishes that works well together.  I think it is good value for the money.  The colors are unique and different from the Book of Shadows Volume II which I have but I'm not sure of the volume one because I don't have it.  You can experiment a lot of different looks with this palette and show your creativity with the vibrant and unique colors.  The packaging is adorable!  I love it!  But when you are on the go and travel a lot this palette may be too bulky for you.  Overall....this palette is a hit for me. =)

disclaimer:  I purchased this palette on my own.  I'm not affiliated with any company.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Passport Renewal

Today I took off from work to renew my passport which expired October of last year.  I've been procrastinating for such a long time that I realized that I really have to renew it NOW because it takes 6 weeks for them to send it back. Plus, I can't buy my ticket home if I don't have a valid passport.  Panic..panic!  Anways.. going back.. renewing wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.  You know, long lines and everything.  Probably because today is Tuesday and I came in early... The Philippine Consulate opens at 9 am and I came in around 9:30 am. Just make sure that if you are going to renew, get all requirements done so that you won't get delayed.  

List of requirements:
1.  Download the renewal form and fill it up.
2.  A copy of the front and back of the passport, then the visa with which you used to come in the US.
3.  3 pictures with royal blue background.  (I have mine taken there which cost about $10.00)
4.  Pay renewal fee of $50.
5.  Choose if you want to pick it up or have them mail it to you for a cost of $6.00

Everything went smoothly.  So glad I'm done with it.  Just need to wait for the renewed passport then I can purchase my plane ticket.  Soooo excited to go home! =)

Best Birthday Gift Ever!!!

That's right! Best gift!  Actually it is a combined gift for Christmas and birthday from my family and the boyfriend.  I've been admiring them online and on the purse forum for some time and would spend soooo much time researching which material is better and what suits me best and all....finally...they are mine!!! new pieces!!!

The little brown bag first...can you guess what it is? =)

It is a small leather good..


A Zippy wallet!  Monogram Vernis in Pomme!

I love the style of this wallet.  I keep a lot of stuff and tend to "fatten" my wallet so I figured this is the best size for me and also nothing will fall out because it is secured by the zipper.  The vernis is not as delicate as I thought it would be.  I chose the pomme color because the darker ones are more prone to have visible fingerprints that can be annoying.  At least with this color, it doesn't show up as much and it looks gorgeous in person.  =)

Last but not the least... I am now a proud owner of...

Chanel Classic Flap in Jumbo Lambskin Silver Hardware!

Lambskin is so luxurious and delicate....a timeless piece.....I love it! =)

I am not really a big purse person but decided to get the jumbo because when I tried it on the store it didn't look bulky or too big for my is versatile that you can rock it in different messenger style or you can use it as a shoulder bag or a hand bag because of the adjustable chain...I chose silver because it looks youthful and casual for the size of the purse...For the material...initially I wanted to get the caviar but then they don't have any in stock when we came there so I picked up lambskin where in they only have 2 pieces left..I love the look and feel of the lambskin but with durability.. caviar wins though I'm not fond of the pebbled look of caviar...In the end...I chose lambskin! I am very happy with my present!

That's it guys.  Finished my live reveal..=)  I'm seriously on a purse ban! =)

To my brothers and sisters...and to Howie...Thank you soooo much! =) I love you guys! Mwhaaaa!

Disney Part Deux!

Finally! Now I know how to resize! Silly me! hehe ;P  Anways, here's the 2nd part of my Disney Fantasy Birthday! =) Warning! Pic heavy and a whole lot of cam whoring! 


Astro something..I forgot the name of the ride teehee!  But it is interesting because you can maneuver the ride to go up or down by controlling the lever inside.  The only downside is that the seat is too small for two adults to share..guess it is meant for kids! hehe!

Silly pose after the ride!

Lunch time!!!  We ate at Big Thunder.  Eat all you can barbeque ribs and chicken family style!

Relaxing ambiance inside the park.  Cowboy Style!

Picture taking while waiting!

 I am hungry!!!!

The grub!  All you can eat for $19.99 per person..not bad at all...we had another two "pail" full of ribs after this one.

I love this backdrop!  Sooo festive!

Getting ready for another ride.  Soooo crowded at the haunted mansion!

Good thing there is a fast pass.  You can go to machine and get a fast pass ticket to come back at a certain time and you don't have to wait for the long line.  Very convenient!  Good job Disney! =) Modelling pic near the fast pass machine!

While waiting for our entry time to haunted mansion.

Inside the mansion...very festive..when we came there it was their 2nd to the last day of Christmas theme.  No wonder it was crowded!  Everyone wants to have a last glimpse of the Christmas season.

Scary Pumpkins!!!

May I help you??

Getting ready for the Christmas Fantasy Parade! Eating ice cream at the curb side! How fun!

People started gathering around the street for the parade.

Started to get dark.  Lighted Balloons!!! Very Pretty!!!

Here comes the parade...of gingerbreads!

Princess Ariel and Prince Eric!

Snow White and Prince Charming!

Cinderella and The Prince!

Belle and The Beast!

Chip and Dale!!! Too cute!!!

The Seven Dwarfs...err in this pic 4 with the hat of the fifth sticking out on the left corner ;P

The Dancing Reigndeers!  Hehe it was awkward watching them because they are standing.  They look like my chi Teacup!

The Finale Float..Santa Claus!!!!

I had sooo much fun.... all bundled up waiting for the fireworks...

Too bad they cancelled it because of the wind...but nonetheless I had soo much fun!!!

Till then Disneyland!  I have a whole year to explore you! :P

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Disney Birthday!

On the 2nd of January, Howie and I woke up very early to go to Disneyland.   I was so excited because I've only been there once and didn't really get the chance to see the entire park.  It was a dream come true to celebrate my birthday in the magical world of Disney.  We arrived at the park at around 9:45 and by that time it wasn't as crowded as we expected it to be.  It was a breeze when we bought our ticket.  They used to have a promotion that if it's your birthday you get a free pass for a day.  Too bad the promo ended with the year 2009.  But anyways, we got the annual pass. Score! =) At least we won't be bothered if the lines are long because we can go back there anytime we want. =) But the ticket was a little bit pricey.  We paid around $600+ for two tickets with one ticket with free parking.  But it's not actually bad considering you can also go to California Adventure and the only black out days are Holidays and Saturdays during the summer.  Anyways, it was a funfilled day!  It was great to be a kid again! =)

Howie and I in front of The Sleeping Beauty Castle!

How sweeet! =)

The gang dancing with the band!

It's a small small world.

inside small world

still inside

Taking a break! =)

*Time for bed! Stay tuned for part 2!  (whew! never realized how long it takes to upload pics! I need to learn how to resize!) =)