Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank You.. Merry Christmas..

Songs from musicals that I always love to listen over and over.. =)

My Family's Gift!

Hi Guys!  =)  I finally got the package I've been waiting for how many days!!! =)  Sooo Happy!  Ready for unboxing? ;)
Two boxes.... two purses!!!

Let's open the first box first..

Big dustbag... big purse! =)

Can you guess what it is...?

Taadaa!  Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene =)

So Happy!!!  Been researching this purse for months!  They are always out of stock in store and online... good thing when I checked the site last time they have it on stock including the MM which is also hard to find! So I got two!  =)  I'm skipping the unboxing of the second box...

Here are the two beauties... Neverfull GM and MM

Little baby is missing... she wants to join too! So here is a group shot! =)

Another shot cinched...

On to modelling pics!  For reference:  5'2 in height... 97 lbs heavy

The Neverfull PM Monogram

The Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene

The Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene

Hope this post helps you guys especially for those of you who are interested to purchase the Neverfull but undecided on which size to get.  I've been researching a lot on the purse forum and you tube about the sizes and how it would look on me.  I was undecided on what to get... I really wanted the GM but read so many reviews that they are too big and was scared that it would drown my frame.. so in the end I got both.  I kind of regret though that I didn't pick the Azur for MM to have variety... so I'm not sure if I'm keeping it or exchange it.  But for sure I love the GM =)  15" laptop fits well inside.  Perfect for travelling! =)  

I want to thank my family for always being there for me... and for always being supportive.  Thank you guys for the wonderful gift! =)  I love you all! =)

Two more days till Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Random: Extra in Extra! =P

Weekends!  How do I love thee! =)  Let me count the ways... 
Nahh!  I'm just so happy that I can wake up late and be a sluggie for two days! =)   
I'm waiting for the Fedex guy to come in right now.  It has been raining the last couple of days here.. hopefully my package won't get wet.  So excited!  Will do a unboxing type of thing for you guys when it arrives ;)  Anyways, just a random post of my date with my dear friend Gay last Wednesday.

Gay and I used to work together.  She is one of my closest friend here in the States.  She is very kind and funny.  No dull moments with this girl! =)  We met up last Wednesday to catch up and hang out.  We went to the Grove in LA.  So funny cause when we got off the elevator, Mario Lopez walked in front of us.  Totally unexpected.. we were like.. speechless and guess "starstruck"?  Hehe! hope you don't laugh at me guys, Mario Lopez is the first international celebrity I've ever seen!  So we were kindda like don't know what to do. Then the security told us that if we want to see him we go to the front of the theater cause they have a shooting their for Extra.  How cool!  We walked over the theater to check what was going on and one of the crew approached us that if we want to be part of the audience we can hang out there till the end of the show and they would have a giveaway to give at the end.  We were so excited to be part of the audience.  A first for both of us to be part of a shoot.  =)  The crew picked audiences to chat with Mario and the director instructs other audiences to walk at the background to look like they are doing their holiday shopping.  Me and Gay, we don't really know what to do, we were giggling and taking pictures on the side.  The security was kind of rude though, I guess that is why he was hired.. he told us Mario doesn't have time to take pictures well when in fact we were just in the corner taking pictures of each other with Mario at the back.  So I told Gay we'll just wait at the stage cause we don't really know where to go.  As we passed by the fountain, the director saw us and called me to sit beside him.  Lo and behold.. an Extra at Extra! =)  So happy that I get to sit with Mario at one of his shoots!  It was unexpected but  totally fun!  Mario is very nice.  He smiled and told me, just act as if you are interested at what I'm saying.   After the shot, he kidded me if did I do what he asked me to do =)  He was really nice.  Here's a clip of the scene.  I look funny though!  Whatever! I'm just so happy!

Hehe!  Can't get over how I looked at that clip!  =)  Anyways, going back.. it was fun to witness a shoot on how they do it and how it looks on TV.  That day they had the Dispicable gang on the show giving away Blu Ray CD.  And also they had Santa giving away, Guitar Hero and DJ Hero for PS3, Xbox and Wii.  Gay and I were so lucky that day!  We both got DJ hero!  =)  It was a very fun experience for both of us.  I don't know how long they will have Extra at the Grove.  But you guys can check cause they have on the schedule every weekdays 8am to 3pm.  Have fun!

By the way, after the show we went to eat lunch at Cheesecake Factory to catch up on things.  Sooo glad to see and chat with Gay.  A breath of fresh air! =)  Here are some pics we got during our day out! =)  It was hard though lugging the DJ hero with us while strolling around!  But can never complain with free stuff! =)  I had so much fun Gay, till next time! =)

 A week left before Christmas!  Are you guys done with your holiday shopping?  Tangs, so sorry the Christmas present will be way late.. just received the watches yesterday..  I'll try to send them within this week.  Just kiss each one of them on Christmas Day! Hehe! Mwah!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hi guys! =) It has been warm here lately in California =)  Loving the weather!  Though kinda weird cause we are nearing winter.  Anyways, this is just a quick post to say hi =)  Went to the beach last weekend with my babies =)  They love the sun! Teacup is scared of the water though.  Chloe baby.. is a toughie!  Protector of her brother Tea the chi! =)   Just getting a breather from work right now.  Enjoy!

By the way.. been listening to Rihanna's Album Loud and been loving these songs...

Have a great week guys! Talk to you later ;)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ugg Boot: Bailey Button Triplet

Hi guys! =)  Sorry for lack of updates.. been very busy with work.. but I'm not complaining.. I love my job! Today's post... I just want to share with you all my recent purchase..
The Bailey Button Triplet!

I ordered these pair at Nordstrom's online and before I bought it, it took me quite sometime to decide if I really want to get it or not.  This is my second pair of Uggs...  my first one was the short type and chocolate colored... I didn't really care much about it because I never find it flattering everytime I wear it.. so when my best friend's husband mistakenly took it as her's.. I never bothered of getting it back.  That was early last year.  I thought I'll never look back on Uggs...
Early week of November... it has been soooo cold! Extremely cold that whatever warm stuff comes my way I would want to grab it and hold it tight. I get cold sooo easily! I find myself too unproductive on cold weather =( That's when I set my eyes on Uggs again.  Got my second pair... and never look back!  I love fashion and stuff but I choose comfort more than anything else.  Now it's my best friend! Especially if I go out at night and it's freezing!  
I initially wanted to get the Kensington  because I find it more feminine and structured than the usual Uggs.. it is narrower and smaller... however I read reviews online and most of them say that it's a little hard to take the boot off because it has a narrow opening..  I don't really find that an issue for me like putting on and taking off shoes.. but as I continue reading reviews and read about the Bailey Button, it grew on me and I like it.  I asked Angel, a fellow blogger who got a Kensington how it is and she sent me couple of pics (Thanks Angel! Really appreciate it!)  It looks good as well.  It is pricier than the Bailey because of the material but nonetheless looks great.  We'll see.. probably next year ;)
You have to keep in mind though that Uggs ran large... I wear a 6 so with Uggs I bought 5 and fits perfectly.  It's not snug at all.  Also in time the sheepskin will settle and the boot will feel bigger so I suggest get a size smaller than your usual.  Since the boot has no arch support.. it is a pain to walk on it the whole day.  It is straining for the feet and changes the weight distribution on your legs.  So make sure you don't use it when you are going to do a lot of walking.  Other than that... I love these boots! These will keep me warm the whole winter. =)  

I'll end this post with my dear Chloe wearing her dainty boots! =)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How To: Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hi Everyone!  Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving! =)  

This is just a very quick post...  A long requested tutorial on one of the looks I usually do with the Urban Decay Naked Palette.  Tangs, sorry it took awhile.. I waited for my zits to go away..=I  Anyways... here's the look.. a very easy everyday neutral look!  =)  

Have Fun guys! =)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's in my purse?

Hi everyone! =)  Finally joined in the "What's in my purse" tag!  =)  Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I had fun filming it. =)

I wrote about this purse awhile back... I think early this year and I love love love this purse.  Aside from my Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch, I think this is my most used purse to date.  I love it because it is roomy and a statement piece by itself.  It will always be instyle... a classic... and loving the honey gold patina it bears as it "ages".  The inside has a gray suede lining and a small pocket.   On the right hand side of the inner pocket marks the date code of the purse.

The Purse Organizer is sooo convenient!  Makes life easier.  No more fumbling inside the purse looking for stuff.  It has so many compartments to organize your things.  I like this type of material too because it is easy to clean and maintain.  The purse holds its shape because of this insert.  See how organize my stuff is? =)

This is what's inside my make up bag!

What's in my purse? =)

Thanks for dropping by guys!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sephora Friends and Family Sale 2010

Hi guys! =)  Today  is going to be a quick haul post! =)  I ordered this stuff online during the friends and family sale of Sephora with 20% off.  Love love love Sephora's sale! =) 

Didn't really get a lot of make up stuff... mostly skin care!  

Here is my haul! 

I've only used the blotting sheet from Boscia and never really tried their product. Been looking for a good cleanser which is mild cause I've been breaking out lately  and read so many good reviews about this stuff.  Can't wait to try it! ;)

Toki Doki!  When I saw this plus the price I was sold! =)  It has a rubbery feel to it.. What I like about it is that is wide toothed and safe to use when hair is wet.

Sephora Collection Perfet Ten Brush Set

I love this set!  I've been looking for a brush set to use whenever I travel cause I dont want to bring my full size brushes...  I love this set cause it has everything that I need.. for face, eyes and lips... so convenient to use and they are soft too.

Consists of fan brush, powder and blush brush, concealer, contour, eyeshadow brush, small eyeshadow brush, dual side brow brush and lash comb and lip brush

Make Up Forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation.  Been wanting to try this for a long time because of good reviews it has...  I'm in shade 202... NC25 from MAC for reference.

Needed a new brush for my clarisonic... got it in delicate.

Ole Henriksen!  Got a deluxe sample of the three little wonder and fell in love with it!  I got the bigger size!  I never tried their eye cream but needed a back up cause Sephora is not selling the Strivectin that I use.. so we'll see how it is.

I love the concept that you can try different scents in this cute little sample bottles and  see what matches your body chemistry before getting the full size one.  Pretty cool!

Last but not the least...

The Make up Forever Rock for Dany's Make up Essential!
The train case is sooo adorable.  Not cheaply man and the gold and silver studs give it so much character.

It comes with 28 full sized products and 1 travel sized eye make up remover.
It comes with HD Elixir, HD Microperfecting primer,  HD Microfinish powder,
Mist and Fix,  HD Kabuki Brush

Aqua Eyes Smoky Lash and Smoky Lash

Aqua Eyes in Mat Black, Pearly Brown, Iridescent Navy Blue, Purple

Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow, Aqua Cream in Warm Beige
and Taupe, Eyeshadow in Iridescent Yellow Beige and Brown Black
Diamond Shadow in Diamond Purple, Star Powder in Copper and White/ Orange
2 Faux Lashes, Travel sens eyes, dual sharpener

Rouge Artist Intense in 1, 36, 43
Aqua Cream Peach, Aqua Lip Nude Beige and Red

I think this is a great starter kit especially with the quality of the product. It is a very good investment and they put in universally flattering colors to cater everybody.  I really adore this product!

And lastly.... want to thank my sisters and brother Ton for this beautiful
stuff they sent me! =)  Love you guys!