Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vegas Trip

Last Saturday H and I went to Vegas for a poker tournament.  It was his first tourney so he was very excited.  He wanted me to join too but I'm a mess with cards..I have no clue what is a better hand...full house...flush...straight...whatever I'm lost.  So I just stick around for the beginner ones, the slots.  All you have to do is press the button. How easy! haha Anyways going back, we left around 6:30 in the morning...Vegas is like 3.5 to 4 hours drive from here so we got there around 10:30..then the game started at 11:00.  It was at MGM Grand.  Althroughout I just waited on one of the slot machine, the Gold Fish game (dunno the name of the machine but the main character is the gold fish)  and it was pretty good my 20 bucks lasted like a good hour and a half and I gained 200..however later on the machine got it back so it wasn't actually bad a long time of entertainment and broke even, I was contented. 

In the evening, we went to Palazzo to watch The Jersey Boys.  It's a musical show about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  We saw this before in LA with friends but we were seated too far back the we can't see the faces of the artist so H wanted to see again plus his brother, sis in law and their friends wanted to watch a show.  I like the show.  It's very entertaining and most songs are the ones we usually hear on the radio but just didn't know that they were sang by Frankie Valli.  I'm not gonna name any songs so that when you guys see it you'd be surprised.  It has a Italian Mafia feel to it.  You'll know why when you see it. =)  It's one of my fave shows.  I was too tired last Saturday that I thought I'd be sleeping while watching since I already saw it...but to my surprise I still enjoy it.  =) But one thing is for sure I love the LA production better than Vegas.  I guess the setting is more spacious in LA and the surround sound was great.  In Vegas kindda rough but it was alright.  Still enjoyable.

After the show we went to Morel's Steakhouse.  I had a 8 oz. Filet Mignon.  H had the 18 oz Bone In Ribeye.  I love my steak, so tender and tasty.  But I still love Ruth's Chris Cowboy Ribeye best. =)  It was a fun day all in all and the highlight of the what H always brag about ;P ...He saved my day!  After dinner we went to play some more slots and... I lost.  Good thing H won my money back with his all or nothing bet at Russian roulette!  Very scary I'm telling ya!  600 bucks depends on the dice!  Heart Attack!  Good thing luck was on our side, we went home happy! =)  Moral of the story...  don't stay too long on the slot machine!  The house will get ya! ;) 

Teacup and Chloe says..Hi y'all!


zsa zsa said...
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zsa zsa said...

your dogs are cutie cute cute! :-) teacup looks nicer in clothes hehehe galing si chloe ya daw abno because of her tongue sticking out lol!

nice pic, by the way :-)

Peewee said...

hahaha =) she's always like that,she gets hot real quick that's y she needs to stick her tongue out to cool off but she's still a cutie! =) I saw kira's pic in her dress!!! =) she's cute but she looks like a dude! hehe peace! =P