Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Haul 1: Dazzleglass Creme, Style Black


L to R: amoruous, totally fab, sublime shine, bling black, black knight, bat black, black, cocomotion


I love cremesheen! I think it's one of the best finishes Mac has ever made. I love the formulation. It's very creamy and soft. Now, they added some sparkle to it thus making it more irresistible! =) Here's what I picked up..

1. Totally Fab

2. Amorous

3. Sublime Shine

For the MAC Style black collection...I got...

1. Bat Black (ccb)

2. Black (ccb)

3. Bling Black (dazzleglass)

3. Black Knight (lipstick)

and....... cocomotion pigment! (love this!)

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