Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!

Sorry for the late greetings! Been soooo busy with christmas shopping and all plus no time off from work..anyhooo.....

Happy holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top Brushes!

 Hi guys! =) Today's post if about brushes.  Brushes are really essential in make up application.  It smoothens and blends the product and evens out any roughness and sharp edges.  You can control the coverage to full or sheer depending on the brush you use.  It's a very useful tool for flawless application of make up. I still believe that our hands are the best tool.  But for brushes...these are my top pics!

I don't have a picture of 226 and body shop blush brush  but feel free to watch the video =)

what are your favorite brushes? =)

*all brush images are from

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm feeling much better! So glad no more sniffles and barking (as what the bf always tease me) but he is the one starting to feel the symptoms...poor howie...=( anyways, been soooo busy at work that's why I haven't updated much....hopefully when my sched is not so tight I can sneak in a post or two.  Till then!

My babies all sleepy and cuddly! =) (hehe only when they are sleeping!)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

CPK Day!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been updating for awhile...been sick for more than 2 weeks and it is soooo hard!  Especially at work, been coughing and sneezing... good thing today I feel so much better. =) About my diet thing.. I temporarily stopped especially when I got sick.  I need all the nutrients and get well first before anything else =) post will be more of a food blog =)  Introducing...CPK!  California Pizza Kitchen!

On our way for lunchie =) Very minimal make-up...just eyeliner, face tint, blush and lippie

can you spot Chloe's pet taxi at the back? ;)

Waiting for our food...the set up...

Free wine tasting!

White Pizza

It is rare that I crave for pizza..I'm not really a pizza person, the bf is but today I asked him if we can have a slice and his eyes lit up.  He always complain that I don't eat his fave today he was all happy.  We had the white pizza.  It consists of different types of cheese but I forgot what they were.  The only thing I can remember is the mozarella cheese hehe!  It has bacon topping on it to give more flavor. The bf prefers his goat cheese pizza with sundried tomatoes over this but I like this one better. :P

Pan Fried Salmon

This is seasoned with salt and pepper.  Not too fishy which is great.  The salmon has a little bit of crunch which I like.  It goes well with the pasta and capers.  Has a sour-creamy taste.  Refreshing to the palate.

Avocado Eggrolls!

Always number one on our list everytime we eat here. The combination of diced grilled chicken, tomatoes and creamy avocado with the warm and crunchy die for! =)  It is filling by itself.  I really recommend this.

Tiramisu....the best in the whole wide world! =)

Cannot explain it...........all I can say....the best I've ever had!

Eating at CPK is always a pleasant experience.  For me it's like in the middle of fast food and fancy restaurant.  Not too bad with their price.  The flavors are great and unique.  They have a promotion going on right now that if you buy $100 gift card you get a free $20.  Pretty good deal! =)  

That's all for now!  I'll see you guys later!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tutorial 1: Too Faced Glamour To Go

Finally, a tutorial! =) I know hehe!  Actually I finished this video 5 days ago and tried to upload it however the audio was messed up so I took it down to edit it.  Hopefully this one works! =)  Sorry guys first video I ever made., so just bear with me =) Never imagined how hard it takes to do a 10 minute clip. It takes so much effort to do editing and stuff =) But I had a lot of fun doing it. I have a lot of grammatical errors so just ignore it ;P hehe!  Have fun guys!

Just click on the title to get you to the tutorial! =)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Pac-Man!

Congrats Manny!!! =) We are sooo proud of you! =)  It was a great fight all in all.  Cotto was a good boxer and a good sport.  Pac-Man....Pinoy Pride! =)

Here is the BF rooting for Manny 1 week before the fight!

And me enjoying a glass of strawberry daquiri!

Loving the ambiance of Wynn buffet.  A wonderland of awesome food!

My favorite slot machine of all time! Here fishy fishy!

It was a fun weekend getaway with the bf! =)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Weighty weight!

I never had weight problems before.  I remember so well that I used to go to the  gym for a weight gain program with my friends.  However at 28, everything is all reversed. This is the heaviest I've ever been! I gained so fast that I never realized it until I got a muffin top (side bulges) whenever I wear jeans..thicker thighs, double chin and all...I gained 12 lbs since I came here in the States and I'm having a hard time shaking the excess off.  At 5'2  I have a normal body mass index however I feel sluggish, bigger and unhealthy. Too much Starbucks and heaped-size servings at restaurant put a huge toll on my body.  I have a hard time choosing clothes which will conceal my unwanted bulges.  But I'm determined to get my body back!  Hence, this blog entry so that I can take note and record every detail and see my progress every step of the way.

Flashback:  2006  (Warning: Pic Heavy!)

Present day:  (2009)

I am currently 112 lbs....ideal weight...100 lbs, so let's get started! =)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hi guys! Sorry haven't been updating lately..been sooo busy and tired! =) Just want to let you know that I'm doing well.  Be back soon! Take care!

Here is my little Teacup!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sephora FF 2009 Haul

Hi guys! =) Finally my sephora haul came in the mail.  I'm so happy!  I guess this is my 2009 treat for myself.  I still have some small stuff coming in the mail but no more hauling for me till 2010 that's for sure.  I bought a lot of stuff that I normally wouldn't buy if it doesn't have any discount.. I kindda feel guilty but...what the heck! I work sooo hard...that's all I can say ;P

My Sephora 2009 Haul...
1.  Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol 2
2.  Strivectin-SD Eye Cream
3.  Clarisonic Mia
4.  Guerlain Meteorites
5.  Guerlain Rouge in Gil 40
6.  YSL Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink
7.  YSL Rouge Volupte in Peach Passion

*This Urban Decay Shadow Box is very pretty! =) It has a shadow book on the top compartment where you can get inspirations for different look.  It comes with their basic 24/7 liner in zero and bourbon and 16 shadows.  I haven't tried the shadows yet but I'll let you know once I get the chance to play with it.

*I'm still using my La Mer I cream so I can't say anything about it yet but I heard so many good news about  this product.  Just bought this because of the sale hehe for later.  La Mer is kindda pricey for me so I'm looking for a good alternative half the price. So we'll see.. =)

*The Clarisonic Mia!  I've been wanting to get this for a long time because it's very convenient for travelling.  Now I have it! =) I love Clarisonic.  I have the Pro one and I use it a lot.  It cleanses my face really well.  After I take off my make up with the make up remover and wash my face..I can still see the make up residue in my Clarisonic as it deeply cleans my face.  I feel refresh everytime I use it so I just have to get the mini one.  And also I don't have to worry about adaptor and stuff if I go back home because it has the international plink charger for wordlike use.  I likey! =)

The Mama Clarisonic and the baby! =)

*This is my first time to use Guerlain products so I very excited to try it.  I use this as a highlighter or sometimes brush it all over my face for a radiant glow.  So far so good! =)

*Guerlain Rouge in Gil 40.  Tha packaging is amazing! =) The top opens up with a mirror.  Covenient to do touch ups.  It is held together by a magnetic case of the tube.  The texture is sooo soft. 

It closes up like this but boy it is heavy! =)

*And finally the YSL Rouge Volupte.  I love these a lot!!! =)  It is very moisturizing ang glides on your lips like joke! =)  I read about Jen's post From Head to Toe about the Peach Passion so I have to try it...they are really amazing and the smell is fruity. 

Here are the lipstick swatches:

Overall...I love what I got...I just have to remember one more hauling for awhile! ;P

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Love My Purse Insert!

Got my purse insert last week! =) Just didn't get the chance to post it coz been so busy.  Anyhooo, here they are! =)  Taaaaddaaaaa...!

Without the insert, my purse is a mess!  It's like a bottomless pit that takes time for me to get what I need.

*These purses have the same content.  I just dump them in like these especially if I change purses.  As you can see it looks like a tornado has passed...not a pretty picture =(

Now...with Purse Insert No. 1 ( let's call pink the number 1 hehe)

Organized! =) Just grab the whole thing with the contents inside and change your purse.  Very easy ..yah?

Same with Purse Insert No. 2...

Very convenient! =) What I like about them is that they are made of cotton so you can  wash and clean them! Very sanitary!  I got these purse inserts from different sellers at like the pink one better because it is bigger, quilted so more durable and most of all it has a bottom that can hold big stuff like wallet or journal.  The green one is a little bit smaller and has no bottom so I think this will work best on small purses.  All in all I am very happy with my purchase! =)